RETRIEVER Debut Stunning Psychedelic Video ‘Weekend Spiders’


RETRIEVER’s debut release ‘Weekend Spiders’ whisks you to a lush, synth-laden world of beauty and revenge. Released via Paris-based label Profil de Face, with stunning visuals directed by Theo Le Sourd, RETRIEVER offset warm, nostalgic sounds against a sinister narrative, to spellbinding effect. Blending dream pop and psychedelic textures, RETRIEVER’s sound calls to mind the … Read more

King Hannah: Meal Deals, Routines, and Lockdown Releases

king hannah

Those moments when new music truly knocks you for six are few and far between. That’s not to say there is a lack of emerging talent on the UK’s music scene right now – quite the opposite. What I’m talking about however is that ‘love at first listen’ feeling – the thrill of hearing a … Read more

Robbie Thompson Talks Music, Dreams, and Therapy

robbie thompson sheffield

The poetry of Robbie Thompson is the sort that can stop you in your tracks. His rasping, croaking voice is at times almost atonal, always richly textured and expressive. His words, drawing on his background and interests in psychotherapy and philosophy, offer generous reflections and insight on his accumulated experiences. Thompson’s new EP, Look Who’s … Read more

Luke Royalty Vents In Breakup Lament ‘October Seven’

Luke Royalty

Luke Royalty’s first release of 2020 is a bitter, searching breakup lament. Filled with the inevitable questions, disappointment, and regret that surround a failed relationship, the mood of ‘October Seven’ captures something distinctive about the flavour of breakups today. Bluesy guitar licks, soulful delivery, and hints of a backing choir define the sound of this … Read more

Brad Stank Explores Spirituality, Sex & Grief in ‘Kinky Om’

brad stank

Brad stank juxtaposes the sensual, the spiritual, and the sad in his second album Kinky Om. With this strange yet smooth collection of songs, the eccentric Liverpool artist has created a record that while irreverent on the surface, is imbued with tenderness, subtlety, and depth. Listen now: Brad stank – Kinky Om [bandcamp width=100% height=120 … Read more

Bethlehem Casuals’ ‘Tragedy of Street Dog’ Is A Tale of Wit and Absurdism

bethlehem casuals street dog

The new release from 7-piece Manchester-based Bethlehem Casuals is colourful weirdness at its finest, and a much-needed hit of positive energy in these turbulent times. The concept behind the album is a tale of wit and absurdism: the story of a street dog on a journey to find out why there is no music left … Read more

Lady Hail Psych-Rock Revival With ‘Tender Hearted Woman’ Debut

lady leeds band

Lady’s debut single ‘Tender Hearted Woman’ is a psych-rock beast of a song, reviving and reworking a bold sonic palette that’s long overdue its comeback. Guitar-heavy and driven by bandleader Becky Herrington’s powerful vocals, this riffy and satisfying debut calls to mind such icons as Jeff Buckley and Amy Winehouse. We spoke to Becky about … Read more

Oh Papa Have Nothing To Prove With Their New EP, Sitcom

oh papa sitcom

That care-free nonchalance you encounter in some music – and some personalities – comes in two forms. The first is the arrogance that has typified much guitar-based music for too long. The second is altogether different. It comes from a place of security, confidence, and hope. Listen: Oh Papa – Sitcom [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1421411857 … Read more

The Bittersweet Summer Sounds of Dunebug


With a sound that makes you feel like you are one of the only people in the world, Dunebug is one to watch. The ex-Manchester, now London-based lo-fi dream-pop artist moulds together influences from the likes of Fat White Family and Japanese Breakfast to create a serene and intricate sound you’ll want to disappear into. Dunebug’s … Read more

Life Aquatic Band Drop Brilliant and Absurd Concept Album

The debut album from Life Aquatic Band is an absurd journey that follows the (fictitious) Life Aquatic Band Police Department as they track down Sir Paul McCartney for an undisclosed crime. The Sheffield 8-piece’s audacious, meticulous dedication to this narrative concept is as daring as it is ridiculous. Skilfully navigating genres from synth pop to … Read more

Joshua Zero’s New Single Is A Sordid Take On Turbulent Times

joshua zero

Led by Joshua Zero – the ‘heartthrob from hell’ – the Leeds indie rock five-piece release their single Yellow Teeth, Red Skin. Taking you on a bleak tour of contemporary British society, the track paints a picture of a fraught political landscape, offset by a seedy nihilistic sensuality. ‘It began through a lyrical exercise where … Read more

The Orielles Drop Celestial New Single

the orielles

Halifax quartet The Orielles are a bona fide breath of fresh air. Theirs is a sound which seductively binds diaphanous vocals with contagious loops, stirring in doses of nostalgia and progression to create a truly innovative and uncanny brew. Brimming with the same surreptitious energy as their blinder of a debut album, Silver Dollar Moment, … Read more

Oh Papa Are The Sheffield Indie Band You’ve Been Waiting For

oh papa indie band sheffield

Oh Papa, one of Sheffield’s freshest indie bands, have just dropped a corker. The band’s debut EP Papa Les exemplifies their understated, lazy sound. A band with a different feel to their many predecessors, you could mistake their leisurely disposition for the boyish arrogance that has typified the niche. But give it a few minutes, … Read more