Blues vs Jazz: What’s the Difference?

blues vs jazz

Emerging in the late 19th and early 20th century in the deep American south, blues and jazz music share some commonalities, as well as some significant differences. The main difference between blues and jazz is the use of different scales and different instrumentation. Blues music tends to adhere to simple chord progressions and relatively simple … Read more

Marco Woolf Drops Joyous Video For ‘Let’s Build This House’

marco woolf

The new video release from Marco Woolf explores the tenderness and joy of family relationships. The track sits on his EP Francine, i, which follows the story of an African woman who migrates to the West for the sake of her children. Building from a gentle kalimba introduction, the sounds of ‘Let’s Build This House’ … Read more

The Northern Jazz Revival: An Interview With Jasmine

jasmine northern jazz

A jazz revival is happening in the UK. After spending many years as a symbol of wine-sipping middle-class civility, a new generation of music lovers are getting back the gritty, sweaty, passionate roots of the genre. The likes of London-based Brownswood Recordings and Gilles Peterson have been important to publicising the movement. But outside the … Read more

Nubiyan Twist Pull Off Ambitious Fusion On ‘Freedom Fables’

nubiyan twist

There are many acts out there who attempt daring stylistic fusion projects. While impressively ambitious, more often than not a band will overstretch themselves and fall flat in the process. One group that has no issue in this regard is Nubiyan Twist. An effervescent collective of artists, their third full-length Freedom Fables is a vibrant fusion of … Read more

Zyggurat Journey Through Imagined Landscapes In Earth II


The debut EP from Birmingham-based future jazzers Zyggurat represents a passage through imagined landscapes. Travelling across abstract wilds to urban civilisation and beyond, the band arrive at Earth II. Led by Pete Grimshaw (synths, trombone, samples, production), Zyggurat combines elements of jazz, electronica, experimental, and ambient music. The journey is cerebral and sonically pleasing. Underpinned … Read more

Skeltr Elevate With Spiritual Jazz Rave Album ‘ Dorje’


Skeltr seamlessly blend spiritual jazz and rave in their epic debut album Dorje. In a distinctly unusual fusion of genres and ideas, the Manchester-based duo pull off a crossover that feels unwaveringly coherent and organic. Drawing inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and practice on the one hand, and Manchester‘s rave scene on the other, the record … Read more

Millicent James Releases Cinematic Jazz Debut ‘Moyo’

Millicent James blends jazz, gospel, and contemporary classical to create a daring, accomplished debut EP in Moyo. In the four tracks, Millicent explores the themes of silver linings, history, and ‘becoming more comfortable with my identity as a black woman.’ The cinematic ‘Moyo/Ancestors’ is a bold opening to the record. A Swahili chant segues into … Read more

Jelly Cleaver: Cosmic Truths and the Dream Jazz Manifesto

The recent tidal wave of emerging London jazz bands has hailed a new era of fusion and experimentation for jazz music. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a new generation of artists mixing and matching musical cultures, imbuing new life and meaning into a genre that was, for many, fading into irrelevance. From … Read more

Yaatri Take You To Another Realm With Ambitious Reach EP

yaatri reach

Intricate, enchanting, and sonically striking, Yaatri’s new EP Reach is the latest release to emerge from the ever-fertile Leeds jazz community. From the epicentre of the north’s Jazz renaissance, Yaatri’s new release is the fruit of a cross-genre, DIY music culture that is full of surprises. Now more than ever, rising artists in the jazz … Read more

5 London Jazz Bands You Must See This Year

Contemporary jazz hasn’t always been well received by young people. For a long time it’s been dismissed as a pretentious genre preferred by austere middle-aged audiences. But in recent years this stereotype has been turned on its head. In the UK there’s a tight-knit network of young musicians changing the face of contemporary jazz. And … Read more

Rosie Tee Drops Mesmeric Jazz-Pop Single ‘Wither’

rosie tee wither

Angular, atmospheric, and lush, Rosie Tee’s new single ‘Wither’ shows the Birmingham singer and composer reaching new heights. The track is infused with jazz, and constructed as if for an orchestra, but this is alt-pop – and alt-pop at its finest. Calling to mind the likes of Laura Mvula, Björk, and Anna Meredith, ‘Wither’ is … Read more

Mansion of Snakes Drop Scorching Afro-Jazz Debut Album

mansion of snakes

M.O.S, the debut album from Mansion of Snakes, shows the 10-piece Leeds/London-based troupe reach new levels of depth and sonic maturity. Whilst staying loyal to their early afrobeat sound, the debut album draws on a new palette, calling to mind the free jazz of Sun Ra, 1970s Ethiopiques, New York new wave and more, with … Read more