20 Trap Artists You Need To Know

trap artists

Trap artists have dominated the charts for over a decade. The genre’s influence on the world’s music industry is showing no sign of stopping. With its origins in the hip-hop culture of the South of the USA, trap music has a strong base in Atlanta, Georgia. Musically, trap is characterised by dark and relatively minimal … Read more

20 Grime Artists You Should Know

The emergence of grime is one of the most significant developments in twenty-first century British music. Growing out of pirate radio and urban culture in London in the early 00s, grime builds on the sounds of UK garage. It is characterised by its aggressive sonics, and gritty rap lyrics. This article highlights some of the … Read more

9 Artists Like Tyler, The Creator

tyler the creator

Tyler, The Creator is a rapper, songwriter, and producer who burst onto the music scene as the founder and frontman of the alternative hip-hop collective Odd Future. He released his debut solo album, Goblin, in 2011 to both critical and commercial success.  Tyler’s abrasive lyrics and chaotic production style has been praised by some as … Read more

22 Best Mac Miller Songs Ever

mac miller best songs

Mac Miller’s reputation as an artist has grown significantly since his untimely death in 2018. From his early ‘frat rap’ days to the sophisticated emo rap of his later releases, Miller’s music developed rapidly as he matured as an artist..His career culminated with the release of the outstanding Swimming (2018) and the post-humously released Circles … Read more

15 Best Manchester Rappers (Famous And New Artists)

k s r manchester rappers

Manchester is home to a large number of the UK’s best rappers. With its own distinctive sound, and a rapidly growing list of rappers to its name, Manchester is undoubtedly the rap capital of the north of England. Let’s dive in and discover Manchester’s best rappers. Children of Zeus Stradling hip-hop and neo-soul, Children of … Read more

Kevin Holliday Tempers Relationship Expectations In ‘Regrets’

kevin holliday

Regrets is the final single from Brooklyn-based Kevin Holliday’s forthcoming OMNI EP. Exploring the potentiality and the perils of sinking into a relationship, the bouncy funk-inflected track and popping visuals offset the sense of uncertainty and risk that lies beneath the surface of the lyrics. Produced by Bird Language, a slow bass-heavy groove, and funk … Read more

Jamaal Monarch Gets It All Out In Raw R&B Anthem ‘Love’s A Joke’

jamaal monarch

Love’s A Joke, I’m The Butt Of It’ is a charmingly naive R&B anthem from emerging Manchester artist Jamaal Monarch. Walking a fine line between sensitivity and bravado, Monarch reflects on love and coming-of-age during lockdown. The lyrics flit between the coy, the humorous, and even the childish, ultimately landing on Monarch’s self-affirming chorus, ‘you … Read more

Dur Brain Drops Lethargic, Satirical Hip-Hop Release ‘Retraining’

dur brain retrain

Dur Brain, Dr Syntax, and Binbags capture the spirit of the age in the cynical and lethargic retraining. Uncovering everyday frustrations and probing broader political paradigms, the three UK rappers explore the pandemic zeitgeist with a comical touch. The sharpness of the verses offsets the sluggish, psychedelic boom-bap beats, produced by Osirus. This is satirical … Read more

Yusuf Yellow: Vulnerability, Masculinity & Hip-Hop

yusuf yellow

Yusuf Yellow takes things at his own pace. It hasn’t hindered his progress. With his debut album, The Yellow Tape, the Leeds-based hip-hop artist grabbed attention with his curiously gentle flows, and the candid vulnerability of his lyrics. Marching to the beat of his own drum, the young artist has resonated with an audience that’s … Read more

A Paranoid King Talks Folklore, Autotune, and Paranoia

a paranoid king

In ConversationWith…Otis Mensah @otismensah With mystical allure, a lavish sound pallet, and an intriguing blend of creative influences, A Paranoid King melds folkloric tradition with contemporary folk art forms. I often gravitate towards blurring regionality and geography in the internet’s melting pot, but A Paranoid King makes a compelling case for connecting to local and … Read more

Every Ending Is A Beginning For L.A. Rapper Swoon

swoon music

In Conversation With… Otis Mensah @otismensah As of late, I’ve been thinking about the constant that sees itself repeated in art I love. I wanted to identify the specific elements that tend to surface in the creative work of artists I gravitate towards, and how that intangible quality transcends genre. What I discovered was my … Read more

Seigfried Komidashi Drops Experimental Lofi EP ‘Sagittarius Rising’

seigfried komidashi

Poet and saxophonist Seigfried Komidashi collaborates with Sheffield-based producer Zillch on his new EP Sagittarius Rising, combining jazz samples with lo-fi, experimental production, elements of noise, and spoken word. Bold, meandering, and at times abrasive, Komidashi’s low-energy vocal murmurs combined with unpredictable and at times lopsided production makes for a listening experience that is at … Read more

Tee Peters & Mensing Lock In On Challenges In ‘Breath of The Wild’

tee peters and mensing

Everyone, at one point or another during lockdown, has felt they’re going a bit crazy. And while some of us are getting sick of ‘lockdown chat,’ there’s no denying that lockdown has had a huge impact on all of our lives. The latest single from Tee Peters & Mensing explores feelings of claustrophobia and the … Read more

AnansiKwam Is Doing Something Different In UK Hip-Hop


It’s harder than ever to stand out from the noise. And AnansiKwam is under no illusions about it. One of the masthead artists for the recently born Switch Hustle Records, AnansiKwam talks openly about the challenges of balancing realism and ambition. But there’s one thing he has in his favour. From the outset, he’s doing … Read more

Yusuf Yellow’s Debut Album Is Punchy Yet Subdued

yusuf yellow

The debut mini-album from Yusuf Yellow shows bags of character, individuality, and depth. Characterised by slow and steady flows, moody hip-hop grooves, and unashamedly introspective lyrics, the record’s subdued ‘nighttime’ atmosphere is exceptionally well-realised – something rarely achieved in a debut record. With excellent use of guest vocals from LPJ and Jackie Moonbather, the short … Read more

Ray Wills Drops Spacious, Mellow Astro-Trap EP ‘5010’

ray wills

The debut EP from Ray Wills presents a mellow, meandering voyage around the 20-year old artist and producer’s mind. With spacious production, steady trap beats, and lilting melodic flows, 5010 is an accomplished debut from the London artist. Growing up in the UK with family in the Canada and US, the record offers a British … Read more

Otis Mensah Breaks New Ground With ‘Rap Poetics’

One of the UK’s most exciting hip-hop artists, Otis Mensah pushes the envelope with every release. His new EP, Rap Poetics, is as surprising and challenging as ever, developing the conceptualism, intelligence, and artistry that we’ve come to expect from the rapper and Poet Laureate of Sheffield. The EP explores rap as an intellectual art-form … Read more