25 Folk Bands You Need To Hear

folk bands

Contemporary folk music is all about the thread that connects the past to the present. In the last couple of decades, a swathe of talented folk musicians have been both bringing traditional folk songs to life, and bringing elements of traditional music into contemporary compositions. In this article, we delve into a diverse selection of … Read more

A Paranoid King Talks Folklore, Autotune, and Paranoia

a paranoid king

In ConversationWith…Otis Mensah @otismensah With mystical allure, a lavish sound pallet, and an intriguing blend of creative influences, A Paranoid King melds folkloric tradition with contemporary folk art forms. I often gravitate towards blurring regionality and geography in the internet’s melting pot, but A Paranoid King makes a compelling case for connecting to local and … Read more

Robbie Thompson Talks Music, Dreams, and Therapy

robbie thompson sheffield

The poetry of Robbie Thompson is the sort that can stop you in your tracks. His rasping, croaking voice is at times almost atonal, always richly textured and expressive. His words, drawing on his background and interests in psychotherapy and philosophy, offer generous reflections and insight on his accumulated experiences. Thompson’s new EP, Look Who’s … Read more

L.A. Salami Plays The Mime In Bewitching ‘Age of Glass’

la salami

Age of Glass is the enchanting final single from L.A. Salami’s new album, The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith. With reverb saturated harmonicas, rolling chromatic guitar picking, and implacable references to the ‘Age of Glass’ concept, this is something to marvel at. Lying musically somewhere between folk and experimental, Lookman’s performance … Read more

R Loomes Drops Gloomy Folk EP ‘Anomie’

r loomes

The UK is producing some of its most sombre, innovative songwriters right now, answering societal unrest with cathartic ennui – an altogether very British phenomenon. Artists such as King Krule and Ghostpoet have given us seminal albums in recent years, challenging us with dark, troubled projects. R Loomes is one of the latest additions to … Read more

Francesca Louise: Becoming Vulnerable in Love in ‘Out of Sight (Out of Mind)’

francesca louise music

Musicians of all genres agree that they create as a result of a need to express their innermost thoughts and feelings, and by creating art they provide a salve for their listeners who either are or remember experiencing something similar.  Rising star Francesca Louise, however, describes her love for the stage as a more compelling … Read more

Lindsay Munroe Playfully Rejects Unrealistic Beauty Standards In ‘Mirror’

lindsay munroe

The striking debut single from Manchester‘s Lindsay Munroe is an honest, vulnerable and ultimately celebratory reflection on overcoming insecurity. Focusing on the potent image of being able to physically mould your body like clay – a fantasy Munroe had as a teenager – she candidly reveals a journey of struggle and liberation. The video’s anarchic … Read more

Oh Papa ft. Before Breakfast Explore Magnetic Attraction

oh papa band

Magnetic is the gently lulling new single from Oh Papa featuring Before Breakfast. A distillation of Oh Papa’s signature sound, ‘Magnetic’ offers the surfy, Americana-influenced guitar tones, restrained vocals, and tender delivery that make this band such a joy. The release sees them collaborate with fellow Sheffield talent Before Breakfast. About the track, they say, … Read more

Robbie Thompson Drops Post-Industrial-Inspired Folk Stomper

Robbie Thompson

Inspired by the post-industrial north of England, Robbie Thompson’s deeply poetic songwriting is enough to stop you in your tracks. His new release, Above Us All The Devil Is Laughing, sees his reflective and sparse folk arrangements beefed up into something of a stomper. ‘Above Us All the Devil Is Laughing contemplates the struggle to … Read more