11 Best Frank Ocean Love Songs Ranked

frank ocean love songs

Frank Ocean’s intimate, introspective songs often deal with love and relationships. This article ranks the best Frank Ocean love songs released to date. The list includes favourites from Channel Orange (2012) and Blonde (2016) as well as lesser-known love songs from Frank Ocean’s discography. 11. Bad Religion One of the best-known tracks from Frank Ocean’s … Read more

22 Best Mac Miller Songs Ever

mac miller best songs

Mac Miller’s reputation as an artist has grown significantly since his untimely death in 2018. From his early ‘frat rap’ days to the sophisticated emo rap of his later releases, Miller’s music developed rapidly as he matured as an artist..His career culminated with the release of the outstanding Swimming (2018) and the post-humously released Circles … Read more

B-ahwe Breaks Free From Rumination In ‘Circles’

b-ahwe circles

The new single from B-ahwe explores themes of rumination, learning, and growth. Produced by TAMBALA, ‘Circles’ offers the delicate melodies and richly textured delivery characteristic of the artist. Side-stepping away from some of the jazz and prog moments on her last Nuance EP, ‘Circles’ leans more towards R&B and hip-hop, in a similar mould to … Read more

Marco Woolf Drops Joyous Video For ‘Let’s Build This House’

marco woolf

The new video release from Marco Woolf explores the tenderness and joy of family relationships. The track sits on his EP Francine, i, which follows the story of an African woman who migrates to the West for the sake of her children. Building from a gentle kalimba introduction, the sounds of ‘Let’s Build This House’ … Read more

Kevin Holliday Tempers Relationship Expectations In ‘Regrets’

kevin holliday

Regrets is the final single from Brooklyn-based Kevin Holliday’s forthcoming OMNI EP. Exploring the potentiality and the perils of sinking into a relationship, the bouncy funk-inflected track and popping visuals offset the sense of uncertainty and risk that lies beneath the surface of the lyrics. Produced by Bird Language, a slow bass-heavy groove, and funk … Read more

Mighloe Releases Soulful & Atmospheric EP ‘Desperate Times’


Toronto-based Mighloe traverses all kinds of terrain in the atmospheric journey of her latest EP, Desperate Times. From the distant, reverb-saturated ‘Stolen Paradise’ that opens the record, to the popping and soulful ‘Don’t Call Me.’ the record blends guitar-heavy, dreamy, saturated sounds with elements of R&B. This unusual sonic palette and Mighloe’s arresting vocals make … Read more

Cariss Auburn Offers Comfort With Dreamy R&B EP ‘Refraction’

cariss auburn

The Refraction EP from Cariss Auburn is one of the most refreshing releases to land this year. Sonically, the record calls to mind old school and alt-R&B, as well as synthy, dream-pop – reminiscent of Solange and her collaborations with Dev Hynes. The themes on the record reflect a diverse mix of Auburn’s life experiences, … Read more

Nubiyan Twist Pull Off Ambitious Fusion On ‘Freedom Fables’

nubiyan twist

There are many acts out there who attempt daring stylistic fusion projects. While impressively ambitious, more often than not a band will overstretch themselves and fall flat in the process. One group that has no issue in this regard is Nubiyan Twist. An effervescent collective of artists, their third full-length Freedom Fables is a vibrant fusion of … Read more

Noya Rao Talk Trees, Karate, and The Creative Process

From the fertile ground of Leeds’ verdant music scene springs Noya Rao. The band, whose name refers to the mystical Amazonian ‘tree of light,’ describe themselves as ‘electronic soul’ – deriving their sound from the playfully fluttering vocals of Olivia Bhattacharjee, the OB6 synth, and a rhythm section that specialise in getting heads nodding. It … Read more

Jamaal Monarch Gets It All Out In Raw R&B Anthem ‘Love’s A Joke’

jamaal monarch

Love’s A Joke, I’m The Butt Of It’ is a charmingly naive R&B anthem from emerging Manchester artist Jamaal Monarch. Walking a fine line between sensitivity and bravado, Monarch reflects on love and coming-of-age during lockdown. The lyrics flit between the coy, the humorous, and even the childish, ultimately landing on Monarch’s self-affirming chorus, ‘you … Read more

Every Ending Is A Beginning For L.A. Rapper Swoon

swoon music

In Conversation With… Otis Mensah @otismensah As of late, I’ve been thinking about the constant that sees itself repeated in art I love. I wanted to identify the specific elements that tend to surface in the creative work of artists I gravitate towards, and how that intangible quality transcends genre. What I discovered was my … Read more

Tonia Victoria Returns With Soulfully Playful ‘U Cute’

tonia victoria

Tonia Victoria returns with the soulfully playful ‘U cute’. Hailing from Huddersfield via South London, Tonia Victoria first made her mark with her melancholic, self-produced Herstory EP, which made waves on Spotify. Growing from the gritty candour of Tonia’s earlier work, themes of self-respect and empowerment underpin ‘U Cute,’ while a fresh layer of playfulness … Read more

Tee Peters & Mensing Lock In On Challenges In ‘Breath of The Wild’

tee peters and mensing

Everyone, at one point or another during lockdown, has felt they’re going a bit crazy. And while some of us are getting sick of ‘lockdown chat,’ there’s no denying that lockdown has had a huge impact on all of our lives. The latest single from Tee Peters & Mensing explores feelings of claustrophobia and the … Read more

Sola Explores The Divine Feminine In ‘Mami Wata’

this is sola

The distinctive sound of singer and producer Sola is arresting. Described by the artist herself as ‘warped soul’, Sola draws influence from the dark, cinematic sounds of Portishead and Massive Attack, with a raw and unfiltered vocal reminiscent of Sade or Nina Simone. Propelled by a slow, percussive Timbaland-esque groove ‘Mami Wata’ is about women’s … Read more

Femi Tahiru Tackles Social Anxiety In ‘The Weekend’

femi tahiru the weekend

On the back of a series of pre-lockdown shows at some of Manchester’s most esteemed venues, Femi Tahiru’s latest release shows the rising indie R&B artist at his best yet. In ‘The Weekend’ singer and guitarist Tahiru pairs washy jazz changes with smooth and subtle vocal hooks. With building synths and percussion, producers Luke Mac … Read more

Downtown Kayoto Reflects on Race & Identity in ‘Feels Like’

downtown kayoto

Downtown Kayoto’s new single, ‘Feels Like,’ is a semi-confessional alt-R&B zinger that invites the listener to reflect, along with the artist, on the pieces that make up a person’s identity. Born in Zimbabwe and now based in Hull, the track sees Downtown Kayoto owning his own journey and identity, before inviting the listener to do … Read more

B-ahwe Drops Lilting Neo-Soul EP, ‘Nuance’

An uplifting journey of lush harmony and delicately assembled textures, B-ahwe’s debut EP is cool and comforting in equal measure. Drawing on jazz, prog rock, and soul, the complex and dynamic moods of the record are woven by the thread of B-ahwe‘s enveloping vocal. Written during a period of illness, when B-ahwe was ‘trapped in … Read more

Jackie Moonbather Returns With Experimental, Soulful ‘Jones On The Phone’

The new single ‘Jones On The Phone’ shows Jackie Moonbather at his most experimental and most enigmatic. Slow, hip-hop grooves, punctuated with bass pops, piano glissandos, and draped with luxurious melodies, the mysterious lyrics gesture towards addiction (to a have a ‘jones’). The Blancmange Lounge producer and artist developed from a guitar-based, almost punky form … Read more