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Sheffield’s music scene has changed a lot in recent years. From hip-hop, to folk, to DIY world, find out about the artists who are changing the face of the city’s music culture. Read more.

A number of fantastic venues and a steady stream of talent coming out of Leeds College of Music ensures that Leeds is alway buzzing. Learn about some of the most exciting bands and artists today from pop to jazz and neo-soul. Read more.

Manchester is a huge city with endless creativity and a number vibrant sub-scenes. Explore our pick of the diverse range of new music that’s coming out of one the UK’s great music cities. Read more.

Facing each other across the Tyne, Newcastle and Gateshead have music scenes that are vibrant and refreshingly independent. From punk, to folk, to experimental, here are some of our top picks. Read more.

With a long history as the vanguard of new and innovative music in the UK, Bristol has a continually rich music scene. Here are some of our favourite bands and producers spanning dub, prog rock, and beyond. Read more.

Glasgow has long been seen as a vibrant centre of contemporary culture in Scotland, and the stream of amazing bands and musicians in the city shows it. Read more.

Liverpool is bustling music city with artists that extends from its growing psychedelic scene to alt-RnB and experimental techno. Read more.

With a spirit of rebellion dating back centuries, it’s fitting that Nottingham’s music scene is aglow with musical upstarts today. Read more.

England’s second-largest city is home to a vibrant scene of new music. It’s also a particularly interesting one with the influence of both large musical institutions and a rich, unique heritage of making noise. Read more.