Reza Pahlevani: The Story Of His ‘Roozmaregi’ EP

reza pahlevani

Born and raised in Iran, Reza Pahlevani has lived in the north of England since 2012. Reza is no stranger to the world of showbusiness in the Persian music scene – establishing himself in a new community in the UK where he is basically unknown has been an exercise in patience and growth. But for … Read more

GracieSouz Gets Spooky In Electro-Pop Video ‘Before, An Apparition’

gracie souz

Before, An Apparation’ is the new single from Sheffield electro-pop artist GracieSouz. Exploring themes of ephemeral moments and memory, she creates a strange and dark sonic and visual world. An interdisciplinary artist, GracieSouz is the solo project of Grace Strickland de Souza. Her other projects include the likes of alt-pop band KIN. ‘Before, An Apparition’ … Read more

Sleepsang Reflects The Bitter And Complex Present In Ambient ‘Beyond’

sleepsang beyond

It feels as if ambient and experimental soundscapes are the most suitable musical response to our times. With sentiment around the ongoing pandemic decaying from a fragile optimism to a dreary, head-down resignation, music that tries to address the situation with words often grates, and misses the mark. Listen: Sleepsang – Beyond Beyond, the new … Read more

A Paranoid King Talks Folklore, Autotune, and Paranoia

a paranoid king

In ConversationWith…Otis Mensah @otismensah With mystical allure, a lavish sound pallet, and an intriguing blend of creative influences, A Paranoid King melds folkloric tradition with contemporary folk art forms. I often gravitate towards blurring regionality and geography in the internet’s melting pot, but A Paranoid King makes a compelling case for connecting to local and … Read more

Robbie Thompson Talks Music, Dreams, and Therapy

robbie thompson sheffield

The poetry of Robbie Thompson is the sort that can stop you in your tracks. His rasping, croaking voice is at times almost atonal, always richly textured and expressive. His words, drawing on his background and interests in psychotherapy and philosophy, offer generous reflections and insight on his accumulated experiences. Thompson’s new EP, Look Who’s … Read more

Seigfried Komidashi Drops Experimental Lofi EP ‘Sagittarius Rising’

seigfried komidashi

Poet and saxophonist Seigfried Komidashi collaborates with Sheffield-based producer Zillch on his new EP Sagittarius Rising, combining jazz samples with lo-fi, experimental production, elements of noise, and spoken word. Bold, meandering, and at times abrasive, Komidashi’s low-energy vocal murmurs combined with unpredictable and at times lopsided production makes for a listening experience that is at … Read more

Apricot Ballroom: Meet The North’s Psychedelic Audiophile Party-Starters

apricot ballroom

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone more passionate and knowledgeable about 1960s psychedelic audiophile parties than Gabriel Presland and Dave Sheard, the founders of Apricot Ballroom. Between them, they possess the obsessive geekiness, meticulous selectivity, and social awareness necessary to pull off one of the north’s most popping parties. Launched in Sheffield in 2018, the … Read more

R Loomes Drops Gloomy Folk EP ‘Anomie’

r loomes

The UK is producing some of its most sombre, innovative songwriters right now, answering societal unrest with cathartic ennui – an altogether very British phenomenon. Artists such as King Krule and Ghostpoet have given us seminal albums in recent years, challenging us with dark, troubled projects. R Loomes is one of the latest additions to … Read more

Hatch Drop Sheffield DIY Music Compilation, ‘Echo from Below’

Sheffield DIY music collective, Hatch, have just dropped their first-ever release. The album travels through punk, power pop, experimental, and beyond, for a wild ride that wonderfully captures the eccentric, unpredictable, and boundary-pushing dynamism of this oddball collective. Comprising 18 tracks, all from members of the Hatch family, the record is exclusively available on Bandcamp, … Read more

Yusuf Yellow’s Debut Album Is Punchy Yet Subdued

yusuf yellow

The debut mini-album from Yusuf Yellow shows bags of character, individuality, and depth. Characterised by slow and steady flows, moody hip-hop grooves, and unashamedly introspective lyrics, the record’s subdued ‘nighttime’ atmosphere is exceptionally well-realised – something rarely achieved in a debut record. With excellent use of guest vocals from LPJ and Jackie Moonbather, the short … Read more

Jackie Moonbather Returns With Experimental, Soulful ‘Jones On The Phone’

The new single ‘Jones On The Phone’ shows Jackie Moonbather at his most experimental and most enigmatic. Slow, hip-hop grooves, punctuated with bass pops, piano glissandos, and draped with luxurious melodies, the mysterious lyrics gesture towards addiction (to a have a ‘jones’). The Blancmange Lounge producer and artist developed from a guitar-based, almost punky form … Read more

Oh Papa Have Nothing To Prove With Their New EP, Sitcom

oh papa sitcom

That care-free nonchalance you encounter in some music – and some personalities – comes in two forms. The first is the arrogance that has typified much guitar-based music for too long. The second is altogether different. It comes from a place of security, confidence, and hope. Listen: Oh Papa – Sitcom [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1421411857 … Read more

ONIPA Take You To A Vibrant Future In ‘We No Be Machine’

onipa band

We No Be Machine is an uplifting and groove-filled reminder of the deep power of human community, connection, and creativity. Formed of the core partnership of KOG (Kweku of Ghana, KOG & the Zongo Brigade) and Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist), ONIPA is the word for ‘human’ in Akan, the ancient language of the Ashanti people of … Read more

Life Aquatic Band Drop Brilliant and Absurd Concept Album

The debut album from Life Aquatic Band is an absurd journey that follows the (fictitious) Life Aquatic Band Police Department as they track down Sir Paul McCartney for an undisclosed crime. The Sheffield 8-piece’s audacious, meticulous dedication to this narrative concept is as daring as it is ridiculous. Skilfully navigating genres from synth pop to … Read more

What Is Algorave? Live Coding With Alex Mclean


In the world of live coding, Alex McLean is a prime mover. His open source TidalCycles software is used by musicians across the world to code music quickly and dynamically in real time. He co-founded the Algorave movement, bringing programming out of obscurity and onto the dancefloor.   Writer Sarah Sharp (proficient in Microsoft Office, handy … Read more

Oh Papa ft. Before Breakfast Explore Magnetic Attraction

oh papa band

Magnetic is the gently lulling new single from Oh Papa featuring Before Breakfast. A distillation of Oh Papa’s signature sound, ‘Magnetic’ offers the surfy, Americana-influenced guitar tones, restrained vocals, and tender delivery that make this band such a joy. The release sees them collaborate with fellow Sheffield talent Before Breakfast. About the track, they say, … Read more

Otis Mensah Breaks New Ground With ‘Rap Poetics’

One of the UK’s most exciting hip-hop artists, Otis Mensah pushes the envelope with every release. His new EP, Rap Poetics, is as surprising and challenging as ever, developing the conceptualism, intelligence, and artistry that we’ve come to expect from the rapper and Poet Laureate of Sheffield. The EP explores rap as an intellectual art-form … Read more

Robbie Thompson Drops Post-Industrial-Inspired Folk Stomper

Robbie Thompson

Inspired by the post-industrial north of England, Robbie Thompson’s deeply poetic songwriting is enough to stop you in your tracks. His new release, Above Us All The Devil Is Laughing, sees his reflective and sparse folk arrangements beefed up into something of a stomper. ‘Above Us All the Devil Is Laughing contemplates the struggle to … Read more

Heavy Bleeding: The Unheard Collaboration from Blood Sport and Heavy Lifting

heavy bleeding sheffield

Heavy Bleeding is the product of a short-lived yet critically acclaimed collaboration between two of Sheffield’s most innovative music projects – Blood Sport and Heavy Lifting. The self-titled record stems from a project which saw the experimental dance post-punk trio Blood Sport join forces with Algorave pioneer Heavy Lifting for a series of live performances. … Read more