15 Best Manchester Rappers (Famous And New Artists)

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Manchester is home to a large number of the UK’s best rappers. With its own distinctive sound, and a rapidly growing list of rappers to its name, Manchester is undoubtedly the rap capital of the north of England. Let’s dive in and discover Manchester’s best rappers. Children of Zeus Stradling hip-hop and neo-soul, Children of … Read more

Rachael Philip Talks Nature, Decay & Sound

rachael philip composer

Blending electronics, field recordings, and chamber music, Wax Ephemeral is the debut album from Manchester-based composer Rachael Philip. Described as ‘a tribute to the carousel of life, death, and recycling and revival into new forms,’ the record is absorbing and immersive. With a background in film and commercial soundtracks, Philip’s sound worlds are strikingly visual. … Read more

Marco Woolf Drops Joyous Video For ‘Let’s Build This House’

marco woolf

The new video release from Marco Woolf explores the tenderness and joy of family relationships. The track sits on his EP Francine, i, which follows the story of an African woman who migrates to the West for the sake of her children. Building from a gentle kalimba introduction, the sounds of ‘Let’s Build This House’ … Read more

Itsnatevendahk Drops Intimate & Off-Kilter Debut Album


The lockdown months have been somewhat of a blessing for creative, introverted souls. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are teeming with fledgling bedroom pop artists sharing confessional songs that they’ve penned in moments of solitude. But while the online sphere becomes ever more saturated with teeny-boppers making music on their laptops, it’s a relief to find DIY … Read more

Jamaal Monarch Gets It All Out In Raw R&B Anthem ‘Love’s A Joke’

jamaal monarch

Love’s A Joke, I’m The Butt Of It’ is a charmingly naive R&B anthem from emerging Manchester artist Jamaal Monarch. Walking a fine line between sensitivity and bravado, Monarch reflects on love and coming-of-age during lockdown. The lyrics flit between the coy, the humorous, and even the childish, ultimately landing on Monarch’s self-affirming chorus, ‘you … Read more

Skeltr Elevate With Spiritual Jazz Rave Album ‘ Dorje’


Skeltr seamlessly blend spiritual jazz and rave in their epic debut album Dorje. In a distinctly unusual fusion of genres and ideas, the Manchester-based duo pull off a crossover that feels unwaveringly coherent and organic. Drawing inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and practice on the one hand, and Manchester‘s rave scene on the other, the record … Read more

Luke Royalty Vents In Breakup Lament ‘October Seven’

Luke Royalty

Luke Royalty’s first release of 2020 is a bitter, searching breakup lament. Filled with the inevitable questions, disappointment, and regret that surround a failed relationship, the mood of ‘October Seven’ captures something distinctive about the flavour of breakups today. Bluesy guitar licks, soulful delivery, and hints of a backing choir define the sound of this … Read more

HENGE Transport You To Space With Prog-Rave ‘Exo’

Psychedelic prog-rave band HENGE have developed a cult following thanks to their wild live shows, their message of joy, and their journey from outer-space. Combining tremendous abandon and energy, with unflinching commitment to their story and purpose, HENGE are a band who are actually doing their own thing. Their new single ‘Exo,’ from the much … Read more

Femi Tahiru Tackles Social Anxiety In ‘The Weekend’

femi tahiru the weekend

On the back of a series of pre-lockdown shows at some of Manchester’s most esteemed venues, Femi Tahiru’s latest release shows the rising indie R&B artist at his best yet. In ‘The Weekend’ singer and guitarist Tahiru pairs washy jazz changes with smooth and subtle vocal hooks. With building synths and percussion, producers Luke Mac … Read more

23 Best Live Music Venues In Manchester

manchester music venues

There aren’t many cities where you’ll be more spoilt for choice with music venues than Manchester. From beautiful, pristine venues fit for the world’s finest orchestras to dark and dingy basements that host a vibrant underground scene, Manchester really has it all. In this article, we take a guided tour through the city’s most high-profile … Read more

Bethlehem Casuals’ ‘Tragedy of Street Dog’ Is A Tale of Wit and Absurdism

bethlehem casuals street dog

The new release from 7-piece Manchester-based Bethlehem Casuals is colourful weirdness at its finest, and a much-needed hit of positive energy in these turbulent times. The concept behind the album is a tale of wit and absurdism: the story of a street dog on a journey to find out why there is no music left … Read more

The Bittersweet Summer Sounds of Dunebug


With a sound that makes you feel like you are one of the only people in the world, Dunebug is one to watch. The ex-Manchester, now London-based lo-fi dream-pop artist moulds together influences from the likes of Fat White Family and Japanese Breakfast to create a serene and intricate sound you’ll want to disappear into. Dunebug’s … Read more

Lindsay Munroe Playfully Rejects Unrealistic Beauty Standards In ‘Mirror’

lindsay munroe

The striking debut single from Manchester‘s Lindsay Munroe is an honest, vulnerable and ultimately celebratory reflection on overcoming insecurity. Focusing on the potent image of being able to physically mould your body like clay – a fantasy Munroe had as a teenager – she candidly reveals a journey of struggle and liberation. The video’s anarchic … Read more

Mali Hayes: Getting Closer To What Feels Natural

mali hayes

I meet Mali at the counter of a bustling Manchester café. “You look stressed? Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!” she’s telling a sunken-eyed barista as the sound of smashing crockery echoes around the space. We settle down to sip coffee, and I ask if she’s used to doing a second job like this. “Second, third, … Read more

Manchester Music Festivals: The Alternative Guide

manchester music festivals

Manchester is home to a number of music festivals which reflect the rich cultural diversity of the city. Collectively they cover a myriad of different styles, from post-punk to jazz-funk and everything in between. Whether you’re after an inner-city one-dayer or the full-on tent-in-a-field weekender, there’s something here for you. Moovin You’ll find Moovin Festival … Read more