B-ahwe Breaks Free From Rumination In ‘Circles’

b-ahwe circles

The new single from B-ahwe explores themes of rumination, learning, and growth. Produced by TAMBALA, ‘Circles’ offers the delicate melodies and richly textured delivery characteristic of the artist. Side-stepping away from some of the jazz and prog moments on her last Nuance EP, ‘Circles’ leans more towards R&B and hip-hop, in a similar mould to … Read more

Nubiyan Twist Pull Off Ambitious Fusion On ‘Freedom Fables’

nubiyan twist

There are many acts out there who attempt daring stylistic fusion projects. While impressively ambitious, more often than not a band will overstretch themselves and fall flat in the process. One group that has no issue in this regard is Nubiyan Twist. An effervescent collective of artists, their third full-length Freedom Fables is a vibrant fusion of … Read more

Noé Solange Contemplates Freedom in Ethereal Trip-Hop EP ‘Bound’

Noé Solange

Noé Solange’s welcoming moods on Bound offer a comfortable familiarity in stressful times. There’s a mass of noise which grows steadily throughout the title track. As Solange whispers enigmatically, repeating “I can’t hold on too long” in the choruses, you know that you’re in for some mid-90s Bristol vibes as the song reaches its climax. … Read more

Tee Peters & Mensing Lock In On Challenges In ‘Breath of The Wild’

tee peters and mensing

Everyone, at one point or another during lockdown, has felt they’re going a bit crazy. And while some of us are getting sick of ‘lockdown chat,’ there’s no denying that lockdown has had a huge impact on all of our lives. The latest single from Tee Peters & Mensing explores feelings of claustrophobia and the … Read more

Musicians In Lockdown: A Visual Story

hedara in lockdown

Those in the creative industries have been dealt a particularly bad hand by Covid-19. Often self-employed, external support can be hard to come by, and perhaps more detrimentally, many have had to halt doing what they love. Front and centre in this category are musicians. With all live performances cancelled, traditional studio sessions rendered impossible, … Read more

Sola Explores The Divine Feminine In ‘Mami Wata’

this is sola

The distinctive sound of singer and producer Sola is arresting. Described by the artist herself as ‘warped soul’, Sola draws influence from the dark, cinematic sounds of Portishead and Massive Attack, with a raw and unfiltered vocal reminiscent of Sade or Nina Simone. Propelled by a slow, percussive Timbaland-esque groove ‘Mami Wata’ is about women’s … Read more

AnansiKwam Is Doing Something Different In UK Hip-Hop


It’s harder than ever to stand out from the noise. And AnansiKwam is under no illusions about it. One of the masthead artists for the recently born Switch Hustle Records, AnansiKwam talks openly about the challenges of balancing realism and ambition. But there’s one thing he has in his favour. From the outset, he’s doing … Read more

L.A. Salami Plays The Mime In Bewitching ‘Age of Glass’

la salami

Age of Glass is the enchanting final single from L.A. Salami’s new album, The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith. With reverb saturated harmonicas, rolling chromatic guitar picking, and implacable references to the ‘Age of Glass’ concept, this is something to marvel at. Lying musically somewhere between folk and experimental, Lookman’s performance … Read more

Soccer96 Drop Sardonic Analogue Electro EP ‘Tactics’


Soccer96 mark their debut release for Mushi Mushi with a triple threat of analogue electro tunes. Featuring Alabaster dePlume’s sardonic spoken word, Tactics is at the same time cerebral and wildly rhythmic. The driving beat of ‘I Was Gonna Fight Facism’ is the first offering. DePlume’s blossoming lyrical cynicism is about as on-the-nose as you … Read more

R Loomes Drops Gloomy Folk EP ‘Anomie’

r loomes

The UK is producing some of its most sombre, innovative songwriters right now, answering societal unrest with cathartic ennui – an altogether very British phenomenon. Artists such as King Krule and Ghostpoet have given us seminal albums in recent years, challenging us with dark, troubled projects. R Loomes is one of the latest additions to … Read more

Jelly Cleaver: Cosmic Truths and the Dream Jazz Manifesto

The recent tidal wave of emerging London jazz bands has hailed a new era of fusion and experimentation for jazz music. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a new generation of artists mixing and matching musical cultures, imbuing new life and meaning into a genre that was, for many, fading into irrelevance. From … Read more

Ray Wills Drops Spacious, Mellow Astro-Trap EP ‘5010’

ray wills

The debut EP from Ray Wills presents a mellow, meandering voyage around the 20-year old artist and producer’s mind. With spacious production, steady trap beats, and lilting melodic flows, 5010 is an accomplished debut from the London artist. Growing up in the UK with family in the Canada and US, the record offers a British … Read more

Francesca Louise: Becoming Vulnerable in Love in ‘Out of Sight (Out of Mind)’

francesca louise music

Musicians of all genres agree that they create as a result of a need to express their innermost thoughts and feelings, and by creating art they provide a salve for their listeners who either are or remember experiencing something similar.  Rising star Francesca Louise, however, describes her love for the stage as a more compelling … Read more

Roscoe Fox Tiptoes Between Electronica and Outsider Pop in ‘Three Candles’

roscoe fox

Twenty year old Liverpool native Roscoe Fox first cut his teeth in the online bedroom pop scene. Over the course of three years, he released a string of woozy, guitar-based tracks on SoundCloud which could be filed somewhere between King Krule and Ariel Pink. Since then he has switched up his style somewhat, veering towards … Read more

The Bittersweet Summer Sounds of Dunebug


With a sound that makes you feel like you are one of the only people in the world, Dunebug is one to watch. The ex-Manchester, now London-based lo-fi dream-pop artist moulds together influences from the likes of Fat White Family and Japanese Breakfast to create a serene and intricate sound you’ll want to disappear into. Dunebug’s … Read more

ONIPA Take You To A Vibrant Future In ‘We No Be Machine’

onipa band

We No Be Machine is an uplifting and groove-filled reminder of the deep power of human community, connection, and creativity. Formed of the core partnership of KOG (Kweku of Ghana, KOG & the Zongo Brigade) and Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist), ONIPA is the word for ‘human’ in Akan, the ancient language of the Ashanti people of … Read more

Lifting the Leaves: Aaberg’s Tape Treated Guitar Meditations


Finding an album that you can disappear into like a reverie is a rare pleasure. Calf, the newest release from Aaberg (aka Hunter Mockett) seems to be fit for that exact purpose. It’s an album of thoughtfully constructed guitar music which dissolves the world outside, creating space for your mind to roam.  Listen Now: Aaberg … Read more

What Is Algorave? Live Coding With Alex Mclean


In the world of live coding, Alex McLean is a prime mover. His open source TidalCycles software is used by musicians across the world to code music quickly and dynamically in real time. He co-founded the Algorave movement, bringing programming out of obscurity and onto the dancefloor.   Writer Sarah Sharp (proficient in Microsoft Office, handy … Read more

5 London Jazz Bands You Must See This Year

Contemporary jazz hasn’t always been well received by young people. For a long time it’s been dismissed as a pretentious genre preferred by austere middle-aged audiences. But in recent years this stereotype has been turned on its head. In the UK there’s a tight-knit network of young musicians changing the face of contemporary jazz. And … Read more

Mansion of Snakes Drop Scorching Afro-Jazz Debut Album

mansion of snakes

M.O.S, the debut album from Mansion of Snakes, shows the 10-piece Leeds/London-based troupe reach new levels of depth and sonic maturity. Whilst staying loyal to their early afrobeat sound, the debut album draws on a new palette, calling to mind the free jazz of Sun Ra, 1970s Ethiopiques, New York new wave and more, with … Read more

Toya Delazy Takes You To Utopic South Africa

East-London based Toya Delazy’s new release ‘Funani’ is a breathtaking synthesis of South African and UK sounds. The South African emcee, who calls London home, joined forces with Henry Counsell of Joy Anonymous, creating a sound that they’ve dubbed ‘afro rave.’ In Funani, Delazy raps in Zulu over a beat that’s influenced by garage, grime, … Read more