The Northern Jazz Revival: An Interview With Jasmine

jasmine northern jazz

A jazz revival is happening in the UK. After spending many years as a symbol of wine-sipping middle-class civility, a new generation of music lovers are getting back the gritty, sweaty, passionate roots of the genre. The likes of London-based Brownswood Recordings and Gilles Peterson have been important to publicising the movement. But outside the … Read more

Noya Rao Talk Trees, Karate, and The Creative Process

From the fertile ground of Leeds’ verdant music scene springs Noya Rao. The band, whose name refers to the mystical Amazonian ‘tree of light,’ describe themselves as ‘electronic soul’ – deriving their sound from the playfully fluttering vocals of Olivia Bhattacharjee, the OB6 synth, and a rhythm section that specialise in getting heads nodding. It … Read more

Yusuf Yellow: Vulnerability, Masculinity & Hip-Hop

yusuf yellow

Yusuf Yellow takes things at his own pace. It hasn’t hindered his progress. With his debut album, The Yellow Tape, the Leeds-based hip-hop artist grabbed attention with his curiously gentle flows, and the candid vulnerability of his lyrics. Marching to the beat of his own drum, the young artist has resonated with an audience that’s … Read more

Spacey Basement Cult Continue Down The Rabbit Hole With New Wonk-Pop Single

spacey basement cult

Spacey Basement Cult’s new release sees the Leeds trio continue down the experimental-wonk-pop rabbit hole. The tongue-in-cheek description on their Bandcamp (“chill beats you can’t study to”) is suggestive of the artistic milieu the group push off from, if not where they land. There may be a quick nod to seminal electronica artists of the … Read more

Leeds Record Shops You Must Explore

record shops leeds

Record Stores in Leeds: A Pink Wafer Guide The resurgence of vinyl was something no generation could have expected. But their tangible, collectable nature and superior sound quality have shot vinyl back into the forefront of musical formats. In this article, we look at ten Leeds record shops that are on hand to service your vinyl needs. … Read more

B-ahwe Drops Lilting Neo-Soul EP, ‘Nuance’

An uplifting journey of lush harmony and delicately assembled textures, B-ahwe’s debut EP is cool and comforting in equal measure. Drawing on jazz, prog rock, and soul, the complex and dynamic moods of the record are woven by the thread of B-ahwe‘s enveloping vocal. Written during a period of illness, when B-ahwe was ‘trapped in … Read more

Lady Hail Psych-Rock Revival With ‘Tender Hearted Woman’ Debut

lady leeds band

Lady’s debut single ‘Tender Hearted Woman’ is a psych-rock beast of a song, reviving and reworking a bold sonic palette that’s long overdue its comeback. Guitar-heavy and driven by bandleader Becky Herrington’s powerful vocals, this riffy and satisfying debut calls to mind such icons as Jeff Buckley and Amy Winehouse. We spoke to Becky about … Read more

Yaatri Take You To Another Realm With Ambitious Reach EP

yaatri reach

Intricate, enchanting, and sonically striking, Yaatri’s new EP Reach is the latest release to emerge from the ever-fertile Leeds jazz community. From the epicentre of the north’s Jazz renaissance, Yaatri’s new release is the fruit of a cross-genre, DIY music culture that is full of surprises. Now more than ever, rising artists in the jazz … Read more

Long Legged Creatures Drop Menacing Electronica-Punk Banger ‘CMAD’

long legged creatures

Long Legged Creatures are simmering to the boil. The Leeds quartet have been steadily making a name for themselves with their dark, twisting, groove-based brand of electronica, served with a helping of punk. This is the sound of sweaty rave caves, walking wet streets at night, and a trip that may or may not end … Read more

Joshua Zero’s New Single Is A Sordid Take On Turbulent Times

joshua zero

Led by Joshua Zero – the ‘heartthrob from hell’ – the Leeds indie rock five-piece release their single Yellow Teeth, Red Skin. Taking you on a bleak tour of contemporary British society, the track paints a picture of a fraught political landscape, offset by a seedy nihilistic sensuality. ‘It began through a lyrical exercise where … Read more

Mansion of Snakes Drop Scorching Afro-Jazz Debut Album

mansion of snakes

M.O.S, the debut album from Mansion of Snakes, shows the 10-piece Leeds/London-based troupe reach new levels of depth and sonic maturity. Whilst staying loyal to their early afrobeat sound, the debut album draws on a new palette, calling to mind the free jazz of Sun Ra, 1970s Ethiopiques, New York new wave and more, with … Read more