Dur Brain Drops Lethargic, Satirical Hip-Hop Release ‘Retraining’

dur brain retrain

Dur Brain, Dr Syntax, and Binbags capture the spirit of the age in the cynical and lethargic retraining. Uncovering everyday frustrations and probing broader political paradigms, the three UK rappers explore the pandemic zeitgeist with a comical touch. The sharpness of the verses offsets the sluggish, psychedelic boom-bap beats, produced by Osirus. This is satirical … Read more

Kayla Painter Talks Sound Design, Sync, and Creativity

kayla painter

Producer, a composer, and academic Kayla Painter is an experimental sound design artist who has a lot to say to the world. Influenced by many of the early Warp Records artists, she uses field recordings and manipulates audio to create intricate, complex, and at times stunning soundscapes. Coinciding with the release of her AA-side Prey … Read more

Jilk Drop Majestic Ambient Isolation EP ‘Endless Rushing Waves of The Same’

jilk band

Endless Rushing Waves of The Same may indeed describe a mood that, on a better day, we might feel in the midst of this strange time. But as the name also suggests, this record is concerned with something bigger. Something wider-reaching than this peculiar moment in history, and something more personal. In their words, the … Read more