13 Minimalist Composers You Should Know

minimalist composers

Minimalist music is often misunderstood and too rarely given the appreciation it deserves. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the fundamentals of minimalist music, as well as running through some of the best minimalist composers of the last few decades – from the genre’s originators to contemporary innovators. What is minimalism in … Read more

7 Ghanaian Musicians You Need To Know

ghanaian musicians

Ghana is responsible for producing some of the world’s most brilliant and most influential musicians. Famous for highlife music – a genre native to Ghana – this African nation has also produced a number of amazing afrofunk artists, and in recent times, some world-class afrofusion and hip-hop artists – spawning the genre of hiplife, which … Read more

Blues vs Jazz: What’s the Difference?

blues vs jazz

Emerging in the late 19th and early 20th century in the deep American south, blues and jazz music share some commonalities, as well as some significant differences. The main difference between blues and jazz is the use of different scales and different instrumentation. Blues music tends to adhere to simple chord progressions and relatively simple … Read more

Jazz Music Stops: The Origin of a Meme

jazz music stops

Jazz Music Stops is a reaction image and meme based on what might seem, at first blush, to be a fairly unremarkable painting. The image depicts a jazz musician, smartly dressed in a  playing an upright double bass and pulling a face of apparent disgust. The bracketed words (jazz music stops) in yellow are the … Read more

25 Folk Bands You Need To Hear

folk bands

Contemporary folk music is all about the thread that connects the past to the present. In the last couple of decades, a swathe of talented folk musicians have been both bringing traditional folk songs to life, and bringing elements of traditional music into contemporary compositions. In this article, we delve into a diverse selection of … Read more

B-ahwe Breaks Free From Rumination In ‘Circles’

b-ahwe circles

The new single from B-ahwe explores themes of rumination, learning, and growth. Produced by TAMBALA, ‘Circles’ offers the delicate melodies and richly textured delivery characteristic of the artist. Side-stepping away from some of the jazz and prog moments on her last Nuance EP, ‘Circles’ leans more towards R&B and hip-hop, in a similar mould to … Read more

Rachael Philip Talks Nature, Decay & Sound

rachael philip composer

Blending electronics, field recordings, and chamber music, Wax Ephemeral is the debut album from Manchester-based composer Rachael Philip. Described as ‘a tribute to the carousel of life, death, and recycling and revival into new forms,’ the record is absorbing and immersive. With a background in film and commercial soundtracks, Philip’s sound worlds are strikingly visual. … Read more

Marco Woolf Drops Joyous Video For ‘Let’s Build This House’

marco woolf

The new video release from Marco Woolf explores the tenderness and joy of family relationships. The track sits on his EP Francine, i, which follows the story of an African woman who migrates to the West for the sake of her children. Building from a gentle kalimba introduction, the sounds of ‘Let’s Build This House’ … Read more

Kevin Holliday Tempers Relationship Expectations In ‘Regrets’

kevin holliday

Regrets is the final single from Brooklyn-based Kevin Holliday’s forthcoming OMNI EP. Exploring the potentiality and the perils of sinking into a relationship, the bouncy funk-inflected track and popping visuals offset the sense of uncertainty and risk that lies beneath the surface of the lyrics. Produced by Bird Language, a slow bass-heavy groove, and funk … Read more

Mighloe Releases Soulful & Atmospheric EP ‘Desperate Times’


Toronto-based Mighloe traverses all kinds of terrain in the atmospheric journey of her latest EP, Desperate Times. From the distant, reverb-saturated ‘Stolen Paradise’ that opens the record, to the popping and soulful ‘Don’t Call Me.’ the record blends guitar-heavy, dreamy, saturated sounds with elements of R&B. This unusual sonic palette and Mighloe’s arresting vocals make … Read more

Cariss Auburn Offers Comfort With Dreamy R&B EP ‘Refraction’

cariss auburn

The Refraction EP from Cariss Auburn is one of the most refreshing releases to land this year. Sonically, the record calls to mind old school and alt-R&B, as well as synthy, dream-pop – reminiscent of Solange and her collaborations with Dev Hynes. The themes on the record reflect a diverse mix of Auburn’s life experiences, … Read more

The Northern Jazz Revival: An Interview With Jasmine

jasmine northern jazz

A jazz revival is happening in the UK. After spending many years as a symbol of wine-sipping middle-class civility, a new generation of music lovers are getting back the gritty, sweaty, passionate roots of the genre. The likes of London-based Brownswood Recordings and Gilles Peterson have been important to publicising the movement. But outside the … Read more

Reza Pahlevani: The Story Of His ‘Roozmaregi’ EP

reza pahlevani

Born and raised in Iran, Reza Pahlevani has lived in the north of England since 2012. Reza is no stranger to the world of showbusiness in the Persian music scene – establishing himself in a new community in the UK where he is basically unknown has been an exercise in patience and growth. But for … Read more

Noya Rao Talk Trees, Karate, and The Creative Process

From the fertile ground of Leeds’ verdant music scene springs Noya Rao. The band, whose name refers to the mystical Amazonian ‘tree of light,’ describe themselves as ‘electronic soul’ – deriving their sound from the playfully fluttering vocals of Olivia Bhattacharjee, the OB6 synth, and a rhythm section that specialise in getting heads nodding. It … Read more

GracieSouz Gets Spooky In Electro-Pop Video ‘Before, An Apparition’

gracie souz

Before, An Apparation’ is the new single from Sheffield electro-pop artist GracieSouz. Exploring themes of ephemeral moments and memory, she creates a strange and dark sonic and visual world. An interdisciplinary artist, GracieSouz is the solo project of Grace Strickland de Souza. Her other projects include the likes of alt-pop band KIN. ‘Before, An Apparition’ … Read more

RETRIEVER Debut Stunning Psychedelic Video ‘Weekend Spiders’


RETRIEVER’s debut release ‘Weekend Spiders’ whisks you to a lush, synth-laden world of beauty and revenge. Released via Paris-based label Profil de Face, with stunning visuals directed by Theo Le Sourd, RETRIEVER offset warm, nostalgic sounds against a sinister narrative, to spellbinding effect. Blending dream pop and psychedelic textures, RETRIEVER’s sound calls to mind the … Read more

Jamaal Monarch Gets It All Out In Raw R&B Anthem ‘Love’s A Joke’

jamaal monarch

Love’s A Joke, I’m The Butt Of It’ is a charmingly naive R&B anthem from emerging Manchester artist Jamaal Monarch. Walking a fine line between sensitivity and bravado, Monarch reflects on love and coming-of-age during lockdown. The lyrics flit between the coy, the humorous, and even the childish, ultimately landing on Monarch’s self-affirming chorus, ‘you … Read more

Dur Brain Drops Lethargic, Satirical Hip-Hop Release ‘Retraining’

dur brain retrain

Dur Brain, Dr Syntax, and Binbags capture the spirit of the age in the cynical and lethargic retraining. Uncovering everyday frustrations and probing broader political paradigms, the three UK rappers explore the pandemic zeitgeist with a comical touch. The sharpness of the verses offsets the sluggish, psychedelic boom-bap beats, produced by Osirus. This is satirical … Read more