9 Artists Like Tyler, The Creator

tyler the creator

Tyler, The Creator is a rapper, songwriter, and producer who burst onto the music scene as the founder and frontman of the alternative hip-hop collective Odd Future. He released his debut solo album, Goblin, in 2011 to both critical and commercial success.  Tyler’s abrasive lyrics and chaotic production style has been praised by some as … Read more

22 Best Mac Miller Songs Ever

mac miller best songs

Mac Miller’s reputation as an artist has grown significantly since his untimely death in 2018. From his early ‘frat rap’ days to the sophisticated emo rap of his later releases, Miller’s music developed rapidly as he matured as an artist..His career culminated with the release of the outstanding Swimming (2018) and the post-humously released Circles … Read more

17 Best Anderson Paak Songs Of All Time

best anderson paak songs

Anderson Paak (styled as Anderson .Paak) is a musical living legend. A singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer, the iconic American musician has grown from an underground cult hero to one of the most-respected individuals in the industry. Touching on R&B, soul, and hip-hop his career has seen him release six studio albums, and win eight … Read more

15 Best Manchester Rappers (Famous And New Artists)

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Manchester is home to a large number of the UK’s best rappers. With its own distinctive sound, and a rapidly growing list of rappers to its name, Manchester is undoubtedly the rap capital of the north of England. Let’s dive in and discover Manchester’s best rappers. Children of Zeus Stradling hip-hop and neo-soul, Children of … Read more

57 Best Bass Songs Ever (All Genres)


Whether you’re a pro bass guitarist or simply a lover of brilliant bass lines, you’re about to discover some of the best bass songs ever written. This extensive list of songs highlights iconic bass lines and bass-heavy songs from across different genres. These tracks showcase the way that a good bass player does more than … Read more

13 Minimalist Composers You Should Know

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Minimalist music is often misunderstood and too rarely given the appreciation it deserves. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the fundamentals of minimalist music, as well as running through some of the best minimalist composers of the last few decades – from the genre’s originators to contemporary innovators. What is minimalism in … Read more

7 Ghanaian Musicians You Need To Know

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Ghana is responsible for producing some of the world’s most brilliant and most influential musicians. Famous for highlife music – a genre native to Ghana – this African nation has also produced a number of amazing afrofunk artists, and in recent times, some world-class afrofusion and hip-hop artists – spawning the genre of hiplife, which … Read more

Blues vs Jazz: What’s the Difference?

blues vs jazz

Emerging in the late 19th and early 20th century in the deep American south, blues and jazz music share some commonalities, as well as some significant differences. The main difference between blues and jazz is the use of different scales and different instrumentation. Blues music tends to adhere to simple chord progressions and relatively simple … Read more

Jazz Music Stops: The Origin of a Meme

jazz music stops

Jazz Music Stops is a reaction image and meme based on what might seem, at first blush, to be a fairly unremarkable painting. The image depicts a jazz musician, smartly dressed in a  playing an upright double bass and pulling a face of apparent disgust. The bracketed words (jazz music stops) in yellow are the … Read more