A Paranoid King Talks Folklore, Autotune, and Paranoia

a paranoid king

In ConversationWith…Otis Mensah @otismensah With mystical allure, a lavish sound pallet, and an intriguing blend of creative influences, A Paranoid King melds folkloric tradition with contemporary folk art forms. I often gravitate towards blurring regionality and geography in the internet’s melting pot, but A Paranoid King makes a compelling case for connecting to local and … Read more

Every Ending Is A Beginning For L.A. Rapper Swoon

swoon music

In Conversation With… Otis Mensah @otismensah As of late, I’ve been thinking about the constant that sees itself repeated in art I love. I wanted to identify the specific elements that tend to surface in the creative work of artists I gravitate towards, and how that intangible quality transcends genre. What I discovered was my … Read more