Itsnatevendahk Drops Intimate & Off-Kilter Debut Album


The lockdown months have been somewhat of a blessing for creative, introverted souls. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are teeming with fledgling bedroom pop artists sharing confessional songs that they’ve penned in moments of solitude. But while the online sphere becomes ever more saturated with teeny-boppers making music on their laptops, it’s a relief to find DIY … Read more

A Change of Tempo: Embracing The Softer Side of Electronic Music

It’s been a strange year for the electronic music community, with the steady pulse of UK nightlife grinding to an abrupt halt. A sense of loss is hanging over those of us who long to gather at the DJ booth like an altar. There have been several commendable efforts to distill the club atmosphere into … Read more

Glasgow Music Venues You Must Check Out

glasgow music venues

Glasgow is home to a celebrated community of DIY musicians and a great selection of music venues which keep their scene alive. The city is also a favourite stop for touring musicians, whether they’re just starting out or hitting the big time. From tiny underground haunts like The Old Hairdresser’s to iconic, long-standing institutions like … Read more

Roscoe Fox Tiptoes Between Electronica and Outsider Pop in ‘Three Candles’

roscoe fox

Twenty year old Liverpool native Roscoe Fox first cut his teeth in the online bedroom pop scene. Over the course of three years, he released a string of woozy, guitar-based tracks on SoundCloud which could be filed somewhere between King Krule and Ariel Pink. Since then he has switched up his style somewhat, veering towards … Read more

Lifting the Leaves: Aaberg’s Tape Treated Guitar Meditations


Finding an album that you can disappear into like a reverie is a rare pleasure. Calf, the newest release from Aaberg (aka Hunter Mockett) seems to be fit for that exact purpose. It’s an album of thoughtfully constructed guitar music which dissolves the world outside, creating space for your mind to roam.  Listen Now: Aaberg … Read more

5 London Jazz Bands You Must See This Year

Contemporary jazz hasn’t always been well received by young people. For a long time it’s been dismissed as a pretentious genre preferred by austere middle-aged audiences. But in recent years this stereotype has been turned on its head. In the UK there’s a tight-knit network of young musicians changing the face of contemporary jazz. And … Read more

Manchester Music Festivals: The Alternative Guide

manchester music festivals

Manchester is home to a number of music festivals which reflect the rich cultural diversity of the city. Collectively they cover a myriad of different styles, from post-punk to jazz-funk and everything in between. Whether you’re after an inner-city one-dayer or the full-on tent-in-a-field weekender, there’s something here for you. Moovin You’ll find Moovin Festival … Read more