Nubiyan Twist Pull Off Ambitious Fusion On ‘Freedom Fables’

nubiyan twist

There are many acts out there who attempt daring stylistic fusion projects. While impressively ambitious, more often than not a band will overstretch themselves and fall flat in the process. One group that has no issue in this regard is Nubiyan Twist. An effervescent collective of artists, their third full-length Freedom Fables is a vibrant fusion of … Read more

Noé Solange Contemplates Freedom in Ethereal Trip-Hop EP ‘Bound’

Noé Solange

Noé Solange’s welcoming moods on Bound offer a comfortable familiarity in stressful times. There’s a mass of noise which grows steadily throughout the title track. As Solange whispers enigmatically, repeating “I can’t hold on too long” in the choruses, you know that you’re in for some mid-90s Bristol vibes as the song reaches its climax. … Read more

Soccer96 Drop Sardonic Analogue Electro EP ‘Tactics’


Soccer96 mark their debut release for Mushi Mushi with a triple threat of analogue electro tunes. Featuring Alabaster dePlume’s sardonic spoken word, Tactics is at the same time cerebral and wildly rhythmic. The driving beat of ‘I Was Gonna Fight Facism’ is the first offering. DePlume’s blossoming lyrical cynicism is about as on-the-nose as you … Read more

R Loomes Drops Gloomy Folk EP ‘Anomie’

r loomes

The UK is producing some of its most sombre, innovative songwriters right now, answering societal unrest with cathartic ennui – an altogether very British phenomenon. Artists such as King Krule and Ghostpoet have given us seminal albums in recent years, challenging us with dark, troubled projects. R Loomes is one of the latest additions to … Read more