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Pink Wafer is a blog about music culture, created by and for musicians, vinyl lovers, and audiophiles.

From Japanese jazz to algorave, from rappers’ face tattoos to rare Elvis records, Pink Wafer is about the underground, the eccentric, and the obscure.

Our goal is to bring insightful, carefully-researched content to our readers, telling the fascinating stories of the artists, the culture, and the records we love.

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Our Story

Pink Wafer was founded by Michael Sandford in 2018 as a music blog, magazine, and events promotion company. It was incorporated in 2019.

The publication initially focused on local, DIY, and emerging scenes in the UK. The blog featured interviews and reviews, often of the same artists we would feature in live shows.

Since 2018, we have given a platform to nearly 200 emerging artists, predominantly from underrepresented backgrounds (we are a member of Keychange), both on the blog and at live shows.

In 2020, just before the dawn of Covid-19, we launched our first free print magazine, distributing 15,000 copies across the north of England. We released a second magazine in late 2020, before turning to focus on digital media.

Since pivoting to digital media, Pink Wafer has expanded its initial focus on emerging artists to encompass a broader scope.

The aim remains the same as it ever was – to delve deep into the depths of the world of music, bringing the unknown stories of our favourite artists to light.

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