Hungarian Artist OIEE Redefines Interactivity at Trafo

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Budapest, Hungary – March 15, 2024 – Hungarian live act OIEE is set to stun audiences with visually captivating sets. Known for their experimental nature, OIEE is thrilled to announce the release of a professional video capturing their recent groundbreaking live performances held at Trafo, a renowned venue dedicated to contemporary art.

This live performance not only showcased OIEE’s musical prowess but also introduced a new level of audience engagement. Spectators were invited to participate in a unique experience where they played their favourite songs on their phones, which were then recorded by the band and seamlessly integrated into synth sounds, adding an exciting interactive element to the performance.

But the immersive experience doesn’t end there. OIEE is committed to providing their audience with exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the concert, offering insights into the innovative techniques used to create the one-of-a-kind synth sounds that captivated the audience.

Continuing their quest to share their passion with the world, OIEE is excited to bring his music to the international stage. UK fans will have the opportunity to witness OIEE’s magic first-hand at “The Great Escape” festival in Brighton and Hove, where they will showcase their visual and musical prowess.

“We’re thrilled to share our different set ups of live performance experiences with music lovers around the world,” says Kocsis Bence. “Our goal is to push the boundaries of what’s possible in live music and create unforgettable moments for our audience.”

Stay tuned to OIEE’s social media channels for exclusive content and updates on their upcoming performances.

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