Which Rappers Went To Harvard? (Or Ivy League Colleges)

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Many rappers pride themselves on getting their education on the street. But a couple of rappers have studied at the most prestigious colleges in the world.

Let’s find out more about the only rapper who went to Harvard, as well as other rappers who have mentioned the esteemed college.

The Only Harvard Rapper

Although many rappers have gone to college, the only famous rapper who went to Harvard is Ryan Leslie. That said, although Leslie has occasionally rapped in his music, he is not especially recognised as a rapper. He is best known as a singer, songwriter, producer and record executive.

Leslie graduated from Harvard in 1998 with a B.A. in Political Science and Government.

Did Lil Pump go to Harvard?

lil pump

The controversial young rapper Lil Pump has cultivated the rumour that he attended Harvard, and the rumour has been perpetuated on various forums online. However, Lil Pump has never attended Harvard.

The rumour that Lil Pump went to Harvard appears to have stuck around on the internet, despite not being true.

This is partly because Lil Pump occasionally feeds the rumour, and largely because he named his 2019 album Harverd Dropout (a presumably deliberate misspelling). This has caused many fans to think that the rapper dropped out of Harvard.

The reality is that Lil Pump did not attend university at all.

Lil Pump seems to enjoy stringing fans along and trolling the media with the claim that he went to Harvard – but it’s nothing more than an in-joke that the rapper uses to create intrigue and have fun.

Did Lil Tay drop out of Harvard?

Another rapper who has claimed to have been to Harvard is Lil Tay. Born in 2007, the controversial influencer and rapper is just 16 years old at the time of writing.

She captioned one Instagram post ‘I dropped outa Harvard.’ The claim is clearly absurd – in the photo used on the Instagram post, it is clear to see that Lil Tay is a child.

Notably, she dropped the post on 1 April 2018 – which is April Fool’s Day. She would have been just 10 years old at the time.

Lil Tay is renowned for making controversial and bogus claims. Much like Lil Pump, her claim about being a Harvard dropout is clearly a joke.

Is Travis Scott going to Harvard?

travis scott

In a Tweet in 2018, Travis Scott stated that he was applying to study architecture at Harvard.

Travis Scott started talking about studying architecture at Harvard after presenting a guest lecture on the topic of creativity to around 500 students at the college.

In an interview, he stated, “Architecture is my true passion. I plan to apply to the architecture program at Harvard GSD [Graduate School Of Design] when I’m done with music.”

He continued, “It would be dope to do both at the same time.” However, he clarified that he won’t be finishing his music career “for a while.”

other Ivy League Rappers

Plenty of rappers have gone to college, but I have only found one other who went to one of the renowned Ivy League Schools.

The eight Ivy League Schools include Princeton University, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

Steven Adam Markowitz, better known as Hoodie Allen, attended the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated in 2010 with a degree in marketing and finance.

Like many successful Ivy League graduates, Markowitz began a career in tech, working at Google. However, music was his true passion, and when he saw the chance to earn some money from live shows, he quit his job to focus on his music.

He went on to a successful career in rap music, releasing several Billboard-charting singles and albums.

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