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This list will introduce you to some of the best Young Dolph songs from the legendary Memphis rapper who died too young.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Young Dolph was the stage name of Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. After rising to success in 2016 with his debut King of Memphis album, Young Dolph built a dedicated fan base.

He enjoyed five years of stardom in the hip-hop and trap world, before he was tragically shot and killed in November 2021 in his hometown.

The artist has seven albums to his name, including two collaborative albums with Key Glock. His 2020 album Rich Slave was his most successful, peaking at number four on the Billboard 200 album charts. Dolph also released an impressive nineteen mixtapes, the first of which being the 2008 Paper Route Campaign.

Aside from his own musical releases, Dolph was successful as a record label owner, founding his label Paper Route Empire in 2010. Dolph allegedly turned down a $22m record deal in 2018 in order to stay independent.

Young Dolph regularly collaborated with his protégé, Key Glock, who was his cousin, and was signed to Dolph’s Paper Route Empire. Dolph was also the second cousin of Juice WRLD, an emo rapper – another rapper who died young.

This list provides a run-down of some of the essential and best Young Dolph songs to get you into his discography.

15. Hall of Fame

The posthumously released ‘Hall of Fame’ was dropped in 2021. The track features a dark trap beat produced by BandPlay and Triple G Ty. The lyrics are fitting, with Dolph rapping about being inducted into the hall of fame. He certainly sits there now amongst the most successful trap artists of the generation.

14. To Be Honest

‘To Be Honest’ comes from Young Dolph’s 2020 Rich Slave album. The track has a party feel with brass hits over a fairly fast trap beat, with the video depicting party scenes. One of Young Dolph’s more uplifting tracks, and a instant classic from his repertoire.

13. Sunshine

‘Sunshine’ shows a more mature and thoughtful side to Young Dolph. The track touched on current affairs in 2020, including lockdowns and the presidency of Donald Trump. The lyrics are earnest, with the line ‘I can’t wait ’til the clouds gone and we get sunshine’ summing up the sentiment of the track.

12. Believe Me

‘Believe Me’ comes off Young Dolph’s 2017 album Thinking Out Loud. The video opens with news coverage of a previous time when Young Dolph was shot and wounded in September 2017, and survived. In hindsight, the video is sad and a little uncanny, with scenes depicting Dolph in hospital, recovering from his injuries.

11. Penguins feat. Key Glock

‘Penguins’ comes from Young Dolph’s collaborative 2021 album with Key Glock, Dum and Dummer 2. The downtempo trap track features typical trap lyrics, focusing mostly on conspicuous consumption, and having sex with other rappers’ girlfriends.

10. Talking To My Scale

One of Young Dolph’s most-streamed videos, ‘Talking To My Scale’ comes from his posthumously released 2021 album PAPER ROUTE iLLUMINATi. The track is produced by DJ Squeaky, and is driven by a steady trap beat with a simple yet extremely effective piano ostinato. 

9. Water on Water on Water feat. Key Glock

‘Water on Water on Water’ is another classic collab between Young Dolph and Key Glock, from their 2019 Dum and Dummer album. Produced by BandPlay, the track is a classic trap party track, with the visually striking video playing heavily on the pool party vibe.

8. Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up

In ‘Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up’ Dolph celebrates his rags to riches story, touching on the classic trap themes of luxury cars, money, and lean. The ‘hold up’ refrain is what really makes this track, along with it’s lazy, rolling trap groove produced by BandPlay. The track comes from Dolph’s Rich Slave album and is one of his most-streamed tracks.

7. Meech

‘Meech’ is one of Young Dolph’s most popular tracks for good reason. Produced by Izze The Producer, the track has a slow and hard trap beat. The track comes from Dolph’s 2017 Gelato mixtape. Featuring the unusual refrain ‘damn, I feel like Meech,’ the track has that je ne sais quoi that gets it rooted in your head.

6. By Mistake

‘By Mistake’ comes from Dolph’s 2018 Role Model album. The track is a firm favourite amongst Young Dolph fans, with the refrain running ‘I just walked in Barneys, spent a 40 by mistake.’ Produced by DJ Squeaky, the video features Dolph driving a Ferrari around his hometown with a girl.

5. Large Amounts

The slow and atmospheric ‘Large Amounts’ is one of Young Dolph’s most popular tracks, and comes from his 2021 Rich Slave album. The video features him driving a Mercedes around a leafy Memphis neighborhood. The track and the video’s atmospheric feeling make it one of the best Young Dolph songs.

4. No Sense feat. Key Glock

Another track from Dolph’s Rich Slave album, ‘No Sense’ is undoubtedly amongst the artist’s essential tracks. Featuring Dolph’s cousin, protégé, and long-term collaborator Key Glock, the track has a tense and dramatic feeling. The song is produced by the legendary Supah Mario and Cassius Jay.

3. 1 Scale feat. G Herbo

One of Young Dolph’s best songs, and one of his most-streamed tracks, this list would not be complete without ‘1 Scale.’ The track, which features G Herbo, comes from Dolph’s Rich Slave album. The track has a great beat and hits all the trap tropes, including Dolph’s obsession with having sex with other guys’ girlfriends, luxury brands, and getting rich. This track is classic Young Dolph in every way.

2. 100 Shots 

‘100 Shots’ is a strong contender for the best Young Dolph track of all time, and is amongst his most-streamed songs. The track, which is produced by DJ Squeaky, opens his second album, Bulletproof (2017). As the title suggests, the song picks up on the theme of gun violence which ultimately took Young Dolph’s life.

1. Major feat. Key Glock

‘Major’ is Young Dolph’s definitive track, and another classic collaboration with Key Glock. Coming off his 2018 Role Model album, the track is his most-streamed. The song topped the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles in 2018, and was certified platinum posthumously, selling a million copies. Definitely one of the best Young Dolph songs, and essential listening for all trap fans.

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