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These Juice WRLD love songs capture the raw intensity of the artist’s distinctive brand of emo rap.

Juice WRLD was a seminal artist in the world of emo rap before his untimely death in 2019. His distinctive style him blend raw and vulnerable emo lyrics with the sonics of trap and Soundcloud rap.

An artist who was never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, his songs address themes of drug addiction, relationships, and the trials and tribulations of love.

This list compiles some of the best Juice WRLD love songs that the artist released.

1. Lucid Dreams

‘Lucid Dreams’ is Juice WRLD’s biggest hit of all time, and one of the most-streamed tracks on the whole of Spotify. The track peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and has since gone platinum.

The song tells a classic tale of unrequited love, with the refrain, ‘I still see your shadows in my room / can’t take back the love that I gave you / it’s to the point where I love and I hate you / and I cannot change you so I must replace you.’

The track features a guitar chord progression from Sting’s 1993 hit ‘Shape of My Heart.’

A classic emo rap track, and undoubtedly one of the best Juice WRLD love songs ever.

2. All Out

‘All Out’ is an unreleased track by Juice WRLD that talks about his relationship with Ally Lotti.

The lyrics are typically confessional and a little naive (lines include, ‘I wish that she was here, playing in my dreads / she told me she really likes me, I hope it’s not a fib’). 

As the artist reflects on the object of his affection alone while he’s in Paris, the lyrics give expression to the old adage, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

The track features a downtempo trap beat characteristic of Juice WRLD’s songs, and lyrics that speak of love and separation.

3. Love You Always (Starfire)

‘Love You Always’ is an unreleased track from Juice WRLD that perfectly captures the artist’s emo rap aesthetic. The highly melodic, autotuned voice and unbridled vocal delivery hark back to the sounds of 00s emo bands.

The track is one of Juice WRLD’s ‘cleanest’ and tenderest, with lyrics including ‘and for you I will fly, through the hell, through the flames / always, always, love you always.’

Unlike many Juice WRLD love songs, the sentiment in this song is straightforward, with the feelings of love separated out from struggles with codependency and addiction.

4. Desire

‘Desire’ may be Juice WRLD’s most romantic love song, and comes from his 2019 Death Race for Love album. In this track, the artist idolises his lover, with grandiose lyrics that touch on the cosmic.

The tender lyrics range from the intimate ‘girl of my dreams / is sittin’ right next to me’ to the bold declaration, ‘shout your name in hills in the valley / whole world’s gonna know you love me / scream your name across the galaxy / now the universe know that I’m on the same thing.’

The track’s production is spacey and floaty with a gentle trap beat. Definitely one of the tenderest Juice WRLD love songs.

5. All Girls Are The Same

The angsty ‘All Girls Are The Same’ may not be the most romantic song, but it is certainly a song about love, and this list would not be complete without it.

One of Juice WRLD’s most popular and best-known tracks, the song was the lead single from his 2018 album Goodbye & Good Riddance. It has amassed over a billion streams on Spotify.

The track features grimacingly raw, angst-filled lyrics and a bluesy melody that make it a case study in emo rap. Lines like the following capture the song’s youthful naivety and rawness: ‘ten minutes, she told me it would take ten minutes / to break my heart, oh no, she didn’t.’

A classic Juice WRLD song about heartache and dashed hopes of love, this is truly a love song for the internet age.

6. Robbery

‘Robbery’ is a song that epitomises what Juice WRLD does best. The track is angsty, raw, and hugely melodic, directly addressing the pain of toxic relationships.

Like many of Juice WRLD’s songs, this song is tinged with desperation and need. The refrain, and its slurred whining delivery, is like something directly from a 00s emo song: ‘she told me put my heart in the bag / and nobody gets hurt.’ 

Yet rather than the guitar-led instrumentals of the first emo era, ‘Robbery’ features airy trap beats with a melancholic piano riff floating on top. An emo rap classic, and one of Juice WRLD’s definitive love songs.

7. All Of Me

‘All Of Me’ is an unreleased Juice WRLD song that was leaked in 2018. The track only has one verse, which has led to speculation that it was unfinished.

The song features the refrain ‘don’t know what to think, when I’m thinking ’bout you / but you okay, yeah, uh-huh.’ By Juice WRLD’s standards – an artist who is usually highly expressive and direct – the lyrics are non-committal and indirect.

The track features a slow trap beat and is definitely amongst the artist’s ‘cooler’ songs, with a much milder, more detached sentiment than most other Juice WRLD love songs.

8. Hear Me Calling

‘Hear Me Calling’ is a single from Juice WRLD’s Death Race for Love album. Produced by Purps, it features a much more upbeat, tropical-inspired beat than many of his other tracks.

The track is characteristically effusive, with the artist idolising his lover. Like many of his songs, ‘Hear Me Calling’ touches on drug addiction, with a couple of lines indicating the artist’s apparently interchangeable dependency on either love or drugs.

Lines like ‘treat your heart just like a blunt of OG / roll it up, I kissed it and I smoke it,’ suggest a lack of differentiation between the intoxicating effects of love and drugs. On the other hand, lines like ‘wait until the drugs fade out / hate making love when I’m faded / that’s because I wanna feel it’ suggest that Juice WRLD’s ultimate desire is for connection above all else.

This Juice WRLD love song is a fascinating insight into the artist’s troubled mind and his dealings with love.

9. Scared of Love

‘Scared of Love’ is a track from Goodbye & Good Riddance that delves deep into the mind of Juice WRLD.

The confused and ambivalent lyrics express a jumble of emotions around being loved and expressing love. The lyrics seem to express both that the artist has ‘never been scared of love,’ but also that ‘he’s not scared to love, just scared of love.’

At the same time, Juice WRLD sings of feeling ‘not enough,’ his dependency on drugs, and of his lover being ‘way too much.’

Ultimately, the song seems to describe a relationship in which the artist is overwhelmed, and at the same time not getting ‘enough.’ The overarching sentiment is expressed in the simple and telling line, ‘all I ever do is get fucked up / all I ever wanted was a real love.’

A classic Juice WRLD love song that encapsulates the artist’s complex, drama-filled relationship tendencies.

10. Forever Love

‘Forever Love’ is an unreleased Juice WRLD song written about his girlfriend Ally Lotti, who he mentions by name in the song.

The track is classic Juice WRLD in its blurring of the lines between the effects of drugs and relationships. In the song he directly compares his girlfriend with the effects of Xanax, with the line, ‘Xanny is so last year, Lotti is amazing / Lotti took me places that the drugs couldn’t take me.’

The song’s chorus is a thinly-veiled threat, masquerading as proclamation of love: ‘I’ma crash the Bentley truck if you think ’bout breaking up / girl, this is forever, girl, this is forever love.’

The track is an exposing song about Juice’s desperation and unhealthy dependence on his girlfriend to the point of threatening self-harm. 

Whilst ostensibly a love song, ‘Forever Love’ is perhaps better understood as a dark insight into Juice’s turbulent psyche.

11. Won’t Let Go

From Juice’s album Death Race For Love, ‘Won’t Let Go’ is a love song in which the artist sings of his intense idolisation of – and attachment to – his girlfriend, Ally Lotti.

The song has an upbeat, almost manic tone reflective of the lyrics’ sentiment. The song’s chorus runs, ‘no such thing as too close / I won’t let go.’

On one hand, the track is amongst Juice WRLD’s most romantic songs, in its unbridled proclamation of love and devotion. On the other hand, the claims that ‘she can do no wrong’ and ‘if she die before me, kill me and carry me with her’ suggest unhealthy obsession.

A raw, Juice WRLD classic that is amongst his most striking and intense love songs.

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