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Young Thug is one of the most iconic rap artists of our time. This list will signpost you to some of the best Young Thug songs released to date.

Pioneering trap artist Young Thug has made a name for himself with his experimental approach to both his vocal style and his fashion sense. His bold aesthetic choices have seen him rise to become one of the most streamed and most talked about artists of this generation.

Musically, Young Thug is respected for his unusual approach to songwriting in which he makes almost every line feel like a hook. The artist is, without a doubt, amongst the most talented and most experimental vocalists in the rap industry today.

Lyrically, Young Thug’s songs often focus on his success, on sex, on his obsession with luxury cars and fashion, and on fatherhood.

This list will give you the low down on the artist by running through some of the best Young Thug songs out there. Let’s go.

1. Check

Album: Barter 6

Without a doubt, ‘Check’ is an all-time fan favourite and one of Young Thug’s hardest tracks.

The lead single from his 2015 breakout mixtape Barter 6, the track features ice cold production from Young Thug’s producer of choice, London on da Track.

As the video and the refrain make pretty clear, the song is all about money – and specifically the artist’s first big financial success: ‘Yeah, I done got me a check, I got a check.’ Lyrically, it’s standard trap fare, but the beat hits undeniably hard. 

Despite the track’s popularity with fans, at the time of release, its reception was relatively muted, peaking at number 100 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It’s fair to say that Young Thug has come a long way.

2. Harambe

Album: Jeffery

Almost all the tracks on Young Thug’s 2016 mixtape Jeffery are tributes to his idols: Gucci Mane, Wyclef Jean, Rhianna, Future, Kayne, and, apparently, Harambe – a gorilla who was shot dead in Cincinnati Zoo in 2016.

‘Harambe’ showcases Young Thug’s unusual vocal style with its raspy, shouty, yet melodic lines. Lyrically, the track zips between romance and violence, alluding to both his relationship with his fiancé, Jerrika, and the chaos evoked in the story of the shooting of Harambe.

One of the best Young Thug songs, from one his best albums.

3. Wyclef Jean 

Album: Jeffery

The opening track to Young Thug’s legendary Jeffery album, ‘Wyclef Jean’ pays homage to one of Young Thug’s musical idols. Although as interviews with the artist make clear, ‘Wyclef Jean,’ like every song on the album, is really about himself: Jeffery Lamar Williams.

Reggae influences come through in the production with the bass and off-beat chords, while the lyrics allude to his relationship, his children, his money, and violence. 

The melodic and highly rhythmic vocals provide hook after hook, making the track one of the artist’s most accessible. 

The video for ‘Wyclef Jean’ is multi-award winning, picking up four separate awards at the 2017 UK Music Video Awards.

4. Halftime

Album: Barter 6

‘Halftime’ is a celebratory song, as the refrain makes clear – ‘hey, let’s have a good time / let’s have a very good time.’

Built on a simple, minimal trap beat, the track features Young Thug’s characteristically melodic, varied and unpredictable vocals.

Sexually explicit and typically self-aggrandising, the track alludes to the intrigue Young Thug creates on social media, especially in relation to his fashion sense – ‘every time I dress myself I go viral.’

5. Daddy’s Birthday

Album: Beautiful Thugger Girls

‘Daddy’s Birthday’ is melodic and soulful, with a downtempo trap beat. A firm fan-favourite, it is amongst the best Young Thug songs, and a stand out track on Beautiful Thugger Girls.

The track makes several references to Thugger’s parenthood and his protectiveness over his children, with lines like ‘I pray my daughter never ever experience no train.’ 

The ambiguous line, ‘extra Draco for my pops, ’cause his birthday 4th of July’ could be a reference to the artist’s own father – it’s difficult to tell – because the artist’s birthday is actually on the 16th of August.

In the birthday spirit, the track makes numerous references to Young Thug’s obsession with luxury brands, name-dropping ‘rari (Ferrari), Chanel, AP (Audemars Piguet), and Patek (Patek Philippe). That’s one heck of a birthday hoard. 

6. Hot (feat. Gunna)

Album: So Much Fun

With its slow trap beat and synth brass riff, ‘Hot’ is a sizzling track, and one of the best Young Thug songs on So Much Fun.

Featuring fellow trap icon Gunna, the track had all the ingredients for success, and is one of the artist’s most-streamed tracks of all time.

The track showcases standard Young Thug lyrical fare, fixating on BJs and his obsession with conspicuous consumption.

The perfect track for driving around the city on a hot day in your Porsche, Bentley, or Rolls Royce, just like Young Thug!

7. Worth It

Album: Slime Season 3

‘Worth It’ is as close as you’ll get to a straight up Young Thug love song. 

With its gentle production and weaving, melodic verses the track is a meditation on his muse, Jerrika Karlae, who stars in the video.

The only track on this list from Thugger’s Slime records, the track is a stand out track on the record due to its toned-down energy and smooth production.

A fan favourite, and definitely one of the best Young Thug songs from his various Slime records.

8. Dream (feat. Yak Gotti)

Album: Barter 6

Barter 6 is amongst Young Thug’s most critically-acclaimed records, and ‘Dream’ is one the mixtapes’ many bangers.

A little like ‘Check’ in its tone, ‘Dream’ is all about Thugger celebrating his success, with the refrain running, ‘I’m livin’ out my dreams, broke is not an option / yeah I’m livin’ out my dreams, broke is not an option.’

The track touches on the controversial relationship between the Bloods and Crips, with the artist stating ‘100 bloods in my fam, 100 bloods, them not fans.’ That bar since in contrast to the later line, ‘don’t care if he’s Crip, he still fam.’

9. Best Friend

Album: Slime Season

‘Best Friend’ showcases Young Thug’s vocal talent. The bars have an amazing fluidity, with big melodic hooks suddenly emerging from the rap verses in a totally unique way that epitomises Thugger’s vocal style.

Released in 2015, the track came from Young Thug’s Slime Season mixtape. It peaked at number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100, which was a new high for him at the time.

The song’s accessible refrain ‘that’s my best friend, that’s my best friend, flexin’,’ along with the artist’s signature vocal colour and experimentation make it a great introduction to his music.

Without a doubt, one of the best Young Thug songs of all time, and a great track to check out if you’re new to his music.

10. With That (feat. Duke)

Album: Barter 6

‘With That’ is a classic within Thuggers repertoire, and surely one of the best Young Thug songs of all time.

The bars on ‘With That’ have an almost perfect flow that draws you right in. It’s a classic example of Young Thug’s rich vocal compositional style, making use of effects, textures, and melody to create a totally hypnotic feel.

The lyrics have a ‘day in the life of Thugger’ feel. But this track is not about the lyrics. It’s about that slow, trappy atmosphere, and that flawless flowing vocal.

Definitely one of the hardest tracks from Barter 6.

11. Guwop (feat. Quavo, Offset, Young Scooter)

Album: Jeffery

Like most of the tracks on Jeffery, ‘Guwop’ refers to one of Young Thug’s idols – in this case, Gucci Mane, who is one of the founding fathers of trap music. 

According to Gucci Mane, GUWOP stands for God, Unity, Wisdom, Opportunity, and Power. Young Thug appears in his track ‘Guwop Home,’ which Gucci Mane released just a few days after coming out of prison in 2016.

‘Guwop’ is another track with a stunning rhythmic flow, with Young Thug’s chorus looking the track together. A fitting tribute to one of the kings of trap.

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