17 Best Anderson Paak Songs Of All Time

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Anderson Paak (styled as Anderson .Paak) is a musical living legend. A singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer, the iconic American musician has grown from an underground cult hero to one of the most-respected individuals in the industry.

Touching on R&B, soul, and hip-hop his career has seen him release six studio albums, and win eight Grammy Awards. He has collaborated with the likes of Bruno Mars, André 3000, and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few.

If you’re not familiar with him, this list will introduce you to some of the best Anderson Paak songs to date. Let’s dive in.

17. Leave the Door Open 

Album: Silk Sonic (2021) 

leave the door open silk sonic

Bruno Mars has proven to be the perfect partner for Anderson .Paak, with their Silk Sonic project seeing Paak reach yet new heights of success. ‘Leave the Door Open’ epitomises a nostalgic soul sound so well that it’s hard to believe the record was produced in 2021 and not 1971.

This is perfectly-realised, iconic soul from two of the greatest American musicians of this generation.

16. Smokin Out The Window

Album: Silk Sonic (2021)

smokin out the window

Another instant classic from Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars’ Silk Sonic project, ‘Smokin Out The Window’ represents the incredible synergy of this power duo. The tight soul funk groove underpins a massive nostalgic hook which creates the perfect arrangement to show off Paak’s vocal abilities.

A great entry point for pop fans to find a way into Anderson .Paak’s discography.

15. Make It Better (feat Smokey Robinson)

Album: Ventura (2019)

make it better anderson paak

The bittersweet leading single off Ventura goes deep into an early soul aesthetic with its lilting groove, calling to mind Al Green’s classic ‘Let’s Stay Together.’

The lyrics strongly evoke the twilight of a relationship and the struggle to fix it (‘it’s easier to run away than to look for what would make you stay’). Paak’s delivery of the evocative ‘if you do, then let’s please make some new memories’ hits hard every time.

A stunning track that already has the feeling of a classic that’s been around for decades.

14. Reachin’ 2 Much (feat. Lalah Hathaway)

Album: Ventura (2019)

reachin too much anderson paak

A song of two parts that explores unequal relationships (‘how can one thing mean so much to you and so little to me’), and the way that dynamic can really be a turn off.

The way the vocals play around the beat, combined with a brilliant bass line make for a supremely groovy song. The track builds in a really sophisticated way with theremin flourishes, disco strings, and brass stabs.

13. Jet Black (feat. Brandy)

Album: Ventura (2019)

jet black anderson paak

A euphoric summer song with an expertly subtle groove and irresistible hook delivered by 90s R&B legend Brandy. The vocal hook ‘we peaking / hands above us / feels like someone lifted me’ totally captures the uplifting party vibes of this track.

As ever, the drums and bass provide a perfectly tight Anderson Paak signature groove. A clear highlight on Ventura and one of the all-time best Anderson Paak songs.

12. Tints (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Album: Oxnard (2018)

tints anderson paak

A massive soul funk groove, ‘Tints’ plays on the themes of status and privacy – a suitable follow-up to the risqué ‘Headlow’ that precedes the track on the album.

Kendrick Lamar’s bravado-filled rap verse, featuring lines like ‘b****, I’m Kendrick Lamar, respect me from afar’ show him at the top of his game.

This is a feel-good track that showcases two of America’s most-respected artists relaying their experiences of fame and its trappings.

11. Trippy (feat. J. Cole)

Album: Oxnard (2018)

trippy anderson paak

The sweet, slow, and sentimental ‘Trippy’ explores a relationship that never took off, and is destined to remain a ‘what if.’ J. Cole’s verse explains the situation that’s easily rekindled by connecting through social media.

But as Paak puts it,  ‘as soon as I grab ahold of ya, I’ma have to let go of ya.’ The instrumentals perfectly capture the wistful, slightly sordid feeling of that person – the idea of whom you really just need to forget. A powerful track, that encapsulates an emotion familiar to most people.

10. Livvin

Album: Yes Lawd! (2016)

livvin anderson paak

At 2 minutes 45 seconds and with the instrumentals based on a single sample, ‘Livvin’ could be mistaken for little more than a skit.

Maybe it was intended as a skit, but the party atmosphere of the track is infectious. The sentiment of embracing the moment and living life to the full makes it the perfect opener for Yes Lawd!.

The Yes Lawd! album, a collaboration between Paak and Knxwledge, is a light-hearted and at moments tongue-in-cheek record that’s full of humour and celebration.

9. Get Bigger / Do U Luv

Album: Yes Lawd! (2016)

livvin anderson paak

‘Get Bigger / Do U Luv’ is an important track for getting to know Anderson .Paak, touching on his early days and ‘getting bigger.’

The narrative sees Paak throw off a job at a grocery store and throw out a cheating girlfriend as he learns to broaden his horizons and demand more for himself with the chorus line ‘You and me have to get bigger / I’m jumping the wall, raising the ball, taking no bullshit.’

8. Suede

Album: Yes Lawd! (2016)

suede anderson paak

A heavy, lazy head-nod groove, ‘Suede’ is one of the big-hitters from Yes Lawd!. The track sees Paak extol himself as a ‘coach,’ as he describes prioritising himself, taking the lead in relationships (‘look me in the eye, there’ll be no simping’), and getting what he wants.

The track is full of humour and bravado, and a little outrageous, making it vintage Anderson .Paak and the epitome of Yes Lawd!.

7. Starlite

Album: Yes Lawd! (2016)

livvin anderson paak

Right from its opening bars, the nostalgia in ‘Starlite’ is palpable. Based on a big jazz soul sample, the narrative depicts Paak’s reunion with a former love interest.

There’s no clear reason why the romance didn’t work out, with the lyrics mostly expressing wonder and delight at the connection and how both players have grown and developed independently.

The song humorously pairs Paak’s bravado and sentimentality in lines like ‘b****, I want you in my life for all of my days.’

6. H.A.N.

Album: Yes Lawd! (2016)

livvin anderson paak

A song that shows Anderson .Paak at his whackiest, H.A.N is not for the faint-hearted.

The bizarre track which sees Paak bemoaning his fame and being approached by people he styles as H.A.N.s, the track plays on the niche trope of the Evangelical and Pentecostal Christian altar call – which in this instance, involves H.A.N.s owning up to their ‘sins’ and getting beaten up by the clergy.

A totally crazy track which surely no one other than Paak could get away with!

5. Heart Don’t Stand A Chance

Album: Malibu (2016)

anderson paak malibu

A perfect headnod groove, the soulful ‘Heart Don’t Stand A Chance’ is a melodic rap masterpiece. The lyrics are amongst Paak’s most oblique, with themes of fate, desire, and obsession poking through.

The tinkling, descending rhodes motif is the perfect counterpart to the big, drunken bass and drum groove, punctuated with hand claps on the downbeat. Perfect summer night vibes, and one the all-time best Anderson Paak songs.

4. The Season/Carry Me

Album: Malibu (2016)

anderson paak the season carry me

Two apparently unrelated tracks in one, ‘The Season/Carry Me’ form part of the flow of Malibu which sees many of the tracks run into each other seamlessly.

‘Carry Me,’ like ‘The Bird’ which opens the album, offers a small insight into Paak’s early life, touching on his childhood and his relationship with his mother. Since this track features two classic Paak grooves in one, it simply had to make it onto this list.

3. Am I Wrong? (feat ScHoolboy Q)

Album: Malibu (2016)

am i wrong anderson paak

Malibu made it clear that Anderson .Paak is a master of rhythm. Whilst hip-hop and soul are the dominant genres of the earlier half of the wrong, ‘Am I Wrong?’ shows Paak nailing a disco funk groove.

A great early Paak track which lays the foundations for his later collaborations with Bruno Mars and the Silk Sonic project.

2. Come Down

Album: Malibu (2016)

come down anderson paak

Featuring its iconic riff, ’Come Down’ is one of Paak’s best bass songs. The track’s simplicity is what makes it so unmistakable, and what has made it one of Paak’s biggest hits.

The sparse production is built around little more than the bass line, a hit hat groove, and a tambourine rattle. After earlier tracks on Malibu detail Paak’s struggling and striving, ‘Come Down’ is – quite simply – a song about shedding responsibilities and getting high. 

1. Dang! (Mac Miller feat. Anderson .Paak)

Album: Mac Miller, The Divine Feminine (2016)

dang mac miller anderson paak

It’s arguably not right to put a Mac Miller song that Anderson .Paak features on on this list, but I couldn’t resist.

Fans of Anderson .Paak will certainly appreciate Mac Miller, and this track sees both of the pair at their best. This is a big summer groove, and we can all be grateful for the fact that these two collaborated before Mac’s untimely departure from this world.

An amazing bass line and some stunning flows. Turn the volume up on this one.

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