Mighloe Releases Soulful & Atmospheric EP ‘Desperate Times’

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Toronto-based Mighloe traverses all kinds of terrain in the atmospheric journey of her latest EP, Desperate Times. From the distant, reverb-saturated ‘Stolen Paradise’ that opens the record, to the popping and soulful ‘Don’t Call Me.’ the record blends guitar-heavy, dreamy, saturated sounds with elements of R&B. This unusual sonic palette and Mighloe’s arresting vocals make for an impressive, and at times engulfing listen.

The classic bluesy tones of ‘Cruel’ tell a timeless tale of empowerment and resilience, offered up in Mighloe’s unquestionably vital and relevant delivery. Check out her live acoustic performance below and the full EP on Spotify.

Watch: Mighloe – Cruel


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