Itsnatevendahk Drops Intimate & Off-Kilter Debut Album

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The lockdown months have been somewhat of a blessing for creative, introverted souls. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are teeming with fledgling bedroom pop artists sharing confessional songs that they’ve penned in moments of solitude. But while the online sphere becomes ever more saturated with teeny-boppers making music on their laptops, it’s a relief to find DIY pop artists like Itsnatevendahk, aka Sam Frost, who eschew the traditional formula. His debut album ‘Wedontdothatanymore’ is an intimate yet playful collection of songs which maintain a homegrown aesthetic without rehashing the same old bedroom pop tropes.

‘Wedontdothatanymore’ is an off kilter take on smooth soul fused with elements of 90s R&B and lo-fi pop. The tracks are interspersed with wonky instrumental sections which at times veer into more experimental territories. Bouncy G-funk style grooves are peppered with cheeky UK dance music flavours and synth bass slaps that would sound at home in a Luther Vandross song. He maintains a tongue in cheek feel by decorating the tunes with a handful of teen flick soundbites and boxy drum machine sonics. It’s a far cry from syrupy soul balladry but Sam’s apparent sense of humour doesn’t detract from his evident knack for songwriting. It’s always refreshing to encounter musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously – and after a year of solemnity isn’t that exactly what we need?

Listen now: Itsnatevendahk – Wedontdothatanymore

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