GracieSouz Gets Spooky In Electro-Pop Video ‘Before, An Apparition’

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Before, An Apparation’ is the new single from Sheffield electro-pop artist GracieSouz. Exploring themes of ephemeral moments and memory, she creates a strange and dark sonic and visual world.

An interdisciplinary artist, GracieSouz is the solo project of Grace Strickland de Souza. Her other projects include the likes of alt-pop band KIN.

‘Before, An Apparition’ blends dark, glossy electro-pop with elements of DIY, to creative a distinctive aesthetic that touches on the uncanny. The visuals glide between the sentimental and the absurd, while a theatrical, melodramatic chorus pulls the ear toward an emotional focal point.

The lure for me lies in GracieSouz’s blending of conventional pop, DIY, and avant-garde. She epitomizes something of her native city’s small yet boundary-pushing underground scene, while connecting to a more universal feeling of avant-garde.

GracieSouz’s new EP Better in Space comes out Spring 2021.

Watch: GracieSouz – Before, An Apparition

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