RETRIEVER Debut Stunning Psychedelic Video ‘Weekend Spiders’

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RETRIEVER’s debut release ‘Weekend Spiders’ whisks you to a lush, synth-laden world of beauty and revenge. Released via Paris-based label Profil de Face, with stunning visuals directed by Theo Le Sourd, RETRIEVER offset warm, nostalgic sounds against a sinister narrative, to spellbinding effect. Blending dream pop and psychedelic textures, RETRIEVER’s sound calls to mind the likes of Limousine or Men I Trust.

Filmed in New York City last December, the visuals narrate the story of Eddie, a dog who is cowardly abandoned by his owners, and by means of anthropomorphic transformation, decides to take revenge.

The stunning visuals on ‘Weekend Spiders’ are reminiscent of Twin Peaks’ idyllic yet brooding world, while the lyrics gesture towards a complex emotional landscape of beauty, tinged with regret – ‘I need more colours to make your eyes look bluer, to make this time feel truer.’ In parallel with this mood, the menacing story of the video is reflected in the ominous line, ‘weekend spiders come back as fire.’ The sonic and visual collision of these two powerful moods in ‘Weekend Spiders’ is something marvellous.

RETRIEVER’s debut EP Carnival Blues comes out Spring 2021. Follow them on Instagram.

Watch: RETRIEVER – Weekend Spiders

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