Jamaal Monarch Gets It All Out In Raw R&B Anthem ‘Love’s A Joke’

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Love’s A Joke, I’m The Butt Of It’ is a charmingly naive R&B anthem from emerging Manchester artist Jamaal Monarch. Walking a fine line between sensitivity and bravado, Monarch reflects on love and coming-of-age during lockdown. The lyrics flit between the coy, the humorous, and even the childish, ultimately landing on Monarch’s self-affirming chorus, ‘you should be in love with me/you’re not/it’s stupid.’

The big production, and swelling anthemic melodies bring to mind the likes of The Weeknd or even Kendrick Lamar at his most tuneful, while the fragility of the lyrics place Jamaal Monarch in his own distinct space. The glossy sound and raw sentiment are what make this one pop, causing Monarch to stand out from a deluge of lockdown love songs with something tender, fresh, and fun.

Listen: Jamaal Monarch – Love’s A Joke, I’m The Butt Of It

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The track is the first track to be released from Come Play With Me’s Side By Side LP – a compilation album release showcasing new music from women, people of marginalised genders and LGBTQIA+ artists based in Yorkshire.

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