Skeltr Elevate With Spiritual Jazz Rave Album ‘ Dorje’

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Skeltr seamlessly blend spiritual jazz and rave in their epic debut album Dorje. In a distinctly unusual fusion of genres and ideas, the Manchester-based duo pull off a crossover that feels unwaveringly coherent and organic. Drawing inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and practice on the one hand, and Manchester‘s rave scene on the other, the record makes a surprising amount of sense.

Comprised of Sam Healey on sax, vocals, and keys and Craig Hanson on drums, Dorje also features the vocal talents of Hayley Williams on ‘Siren’ and Manchester rapper KinKai on ‘KinKai’s Question.’

Built on a sonic foundation of vibrant drumming and huge synth textures, the record sees vocals and soaring layered sax melodies take turns in the foreground. Spine-tingling moments aplenty, a vibrant, vital energy runs through the record – and it’s hard not to be moved.

Listen: Skeltr – Dorje

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