Tee Peters & Mensing Lock In On Challenges In ‘Breath of The Wild’

Everyone, at one point or another during lockdown, has felt they’re going a bit crazy. And while some of us are getting sick of ‘lockdown chat,’ there’s no denying that lockdown has had a huge impact on all of our lives.

The latest single from Tee Peters & Mensing explores feelings of claustrophobia and the desire for ‘the wild,’ juxtaposed with the opportunity for tackling challenges and personal growth – the double-edged sword of living in isolation.

Blending neo-soul and hip-hop with jazz influences, Tee Peters’ unhurried vocal delivery paired with Mensing’s tight production make for a lockdown release that’s both relatable and uplifting.

Listen: Tee Peters & Mensing – Breath of the Wild

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