glue70 Drops Sophisticated Chill-Hop Album ‘2070’

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Producers all over the internet have been churning out lofi hip-hop, chill-hop beats, and the like at a dizzying pace. On the surface, Manchester’s glue70 may seem like one of many in this saturated genre. But a closer listen reveals a depth, integrity, and timelessness to his new 2070 album.

Make no mistake – glue70’s new record is a really easy listen. But with a palette that touches upon jazz, house, and UK garage, a carefully selected host of guest vocalists, and glue70’s own vocal talent, what emerges is a developed chill-hop 2.0, if it’s fair to call it chill-hop at all (he prefers to call it ‘gluestep’).

Calling to mind the likes of Jordan Rakei, Boards of Canada, or Röyksopp, glue70 offers a way forward for the chill-hop generation that’s instantly accessible and subtly beautiful.

Listen: glue70 – Eden

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