Millicent James Releases Cinematic Jazz Debut ‘Moyo’

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Millicent James blends jazz, gospel, and contemporary classical to create a daring, accomplished debut EP in Moyo. In the four tracks, Millicent explores the themes of silver linings, history, and ‘becoming more comfortable with my identity as a black woman.’

The cinematic ‘Moyo/Ancestors’ is a bold opening to the record. A Swahili chant segues into an almost Disney-esque moment where the artist’s distinctive approach to storytelling begins, before launching into a spiritual jazz groove richly layered with vocal harmonies.

Surprising and idiosyncratic, Moyo is challenging – a thoroughgoing disregard for genre makes for an unbridled ride. And that’s precisely what makes this record so striking.

Listen: Millicent James – Moyo

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