Sola Explores The Divine Feminine In ‘Mami Wata’

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The distinctive sound of singer and producer Sola is arresting. Described by the artist herself as ‘warped soul’, Sola draws influence from the dark, cinematic sounds of Portishead and Massive Attack, with a raw and unfiltered vocal reminiscent of Sade or Nina Simone.

Propelled by a slow, percussive Timbaland-esque groove ‘Mami Wata’ is about women’s sensuality. About the release Sola explains, “There is a strength within feminine sexuality that women are often forced to downplay because it has been seen as a threat to men throughout history. I wanted to explore this through channelling the spirit of ‘Mami Wata’. ‘Mami Wata’ is an enchanting water spirit celebrated in the African diaspora and is similar to the western idea of a mermaid. She brings good fortune and wealth, but is often seen as deadly and dangerous to men because of her seductive prowess.”

Watch: Sola – Mami Wata (Lyric Video)

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