Yusuf Yellow’s Debut Album Is Punchy Yet Subdued

The debut mini-album from Yusuf Yellow shows bags of character, individuality, and depth. Characterised by slow and steady flows, moody hip-hop grooves, and unashamedly introspective lyrics, the record’s subdued ‘nighttime’ atmosphere is exceptionally well-realised – something rarely achieved in a debut record.

With excellent use of guest vocals from LPJ and Jackie Moonbather, the short but sweet release clocks just a quarter of an hour. Yet it achieves the elusive quality of certain classic records: varied and at times surprising, yet cohesive and complete. 

And the cohesiveness is perhaps what’s most remarkable about it. The self-awareness, artistic focus, and individuality that shine through mean you can’t help but think that at 21, Yusuf Yellow has already found his voice.

This record is a treat. Crack it on repeat, and get swept away to a peaceful place of yellow. 

Listen: Yusuf Yellow – The Yellow Tape

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