Ray Wills Drops Spacious, Mellow Astro-Trap EP ‘5010’

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The debut EP from Ray Wills presents a mellow, meandering voyage around the 20-year old artist and producer’s mind. With spacious production, steady trap beats, and lilting melodic flows, 5010 is an accomplished debut from the London artist.

Growing up in the UK with family in the Canada and US, the record offers a British take on the North American astro-trap sound, with the transatlantic theme also reflected lyrically in the opening track ‘London to LA‘. Ray Wills’ deeply melodic vocals, which are pronounced throughout the record, come to the fore in the tortured yet supremely cool ‘Head Lost’ that concludes the record.

The slow and steady trap grooves and DIY edge make for a satisfying dream-like astro-trap soundscape, propelled by some truly stand out vocals. Listen to the 5-track record now on all streaming platforms.

Listen now: Ray Wills – 5010

Listen now on Spotify.

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