Jilk Drop Majestic Ambient Isolation EP ‘Endless Rushing Waves of The Same’

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Endless Rushing Waves of The Same may indeed describe a mood that, on a better day, we might feel in the midst of this strange time. But as the name also suggests, this record is concerned with something bigger. Something wider-reaching than this peculiar moment in history, and something more personal. In their words, the record is about ‘celebrating the time given to us.’ A theme that, although especially pertinent now, echoes through history and into the future.

‘It is about the gifts that can be found in shitty holes and it is about how inescapable those shitty holes can feel,’ they explain. ‘It’s a confused, babbling grasp for something beautiful.’

Jilk had actually recorded a record – a different record – which was scheduled for release around this time. Like many things, it was put on hold due to the pandemic. Endless Rushing therefore came as an unplanned release, the fruits of mad file-swapping and surplus energy in the midst of isolation and social distancing.

Endless Rushing Waves of The Same is the most ambitious record I’ve heard this year, and one of the most beautiful. Sitting somewhere between ambient, minimalism, contemporary classical, and experimental music, it meshes together orchestral textures, field recordings, glistening guitars, and a broad digital palette. The result is a stirring journey of colour and light. Highly recommended.

Listen: Endless Rushing Waves of The Same – Jilk

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