Roscoe Fox Tiptoes Between Electronica and Outsider Pop in ‘Three Candles’

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Twenty year old Liverpool native Roscoe Fox first cut his teeth in the online bedroom pop scene. Over the course of three years, he released a string of woozy, guitar-based tracks on SoundCloud which could be filed somewhere between King Krule and Ariel Pink. Since then he has switched up his style somewhat, veering towards a more electronic palette and slicker production techniques. But while his refreshed sound might sit on the glossier end of the lo-fi spectrum, it hasn’t lost the organic feel of his earlier work. 

Listen: Roscoe Fox – Three Candles

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Roscoe is a recent addition to the roster of London based multidisciplinary label odyXxey helmed by Char Mandell. His new single Three Candles was released via odyXxey on the 13th of April. In it, Roscoe layers hypnotic vocal loops over patchwork drum programming. The restless rhythm progression demands as much attention as Roscoe’s muted lead vocal, and the two engage in playful dialogue as the track unfolds. He demonstrates a new level of maturity with his multi-textural production techniques and keen attention to detail. Three Candles marks out an exciting new territory for the young producer, somewhere between the realms of electronica and outsider pop. 

Listen to Three Candles on SoundCloud here. Check out odyXxey and their quarantine radio here.

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