Joshua Zero’s New Single Is A Sordid Take On Turbulent Times

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Led by Joshua Zero – the ‘heartthrob from hell’ – the Leeds indie rock five-piece release their single Yellow Teeth, Red Skin. Taking you on a bleak tour of contemporary British society, the track paints a picture of a fraught political landscape, offset by a seedy nihilistic sensuality.

‘It began through a lyrical exercise where I was reeling through as many colours as I could think of’, Joshua explained. ‘I frantically started editing it until I was left with this dystopian, politically charged, Brexit-referencing, slightly sensual number.’

‘I think that in such tumultuous times, writing must critique and reference our environment and I feel a lot of people seem to avoid it completely just to not look like dogs barking in windows. But I thought, why not just really stick my foot in it, tread it into the carpet, and treat it like any other song?’

The scorching rock instrumentation is paired with sweet, soaring melodies, and an unexpected, otherworldly string quartet (‘I was reading Guy Debords Society of the Spectacle at the time, which explains a lot’, Joshua tells us).

Listen to Yellow Teeth, Red Skin.

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