Talkboy’s Debut EP Offers Wistful Indie Lullabies

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Portraying the bittersweet nature of the modern world is something that only a few artists do well. But Leeds sextet Talkboy have done just that with their debut six-track EP, Over & Under. With this record, the band offer a detached, subtly nostalgic take on indie rock. Their rose-tinted blend of garage rock and indie pop creates a twist on these genres that’s refreshingly difficult to pigeon-hole, tackling subjects of regret and longing in an unfamiliar, and strangely indifferent way.

The opening track, ‘Wasting Time,’ feels like an eerie lullaby to accompany a lone skater at an 80’s roller disco. With the addition of raw-sounding guitars, and the dual vocals of singers Katie and Calum, it sets the tone for the EP. ‘Someone Else For You’ is vocal-driven and upbeat. Its powerful vocal line is the best on a record that’s saturated with big melodies. The following track, ‘Mother,’ is the first song Talkboy released, and it offers a delicate perspective on the weight of parental pressure and disappointment.

The EP’s title track ‘Over & Under,’ epitomises the record. Its anthemic chorus, dual vocal lines, and garage pop quirkiness capture the spirit of Talkboy, as the song tells its story of disconnected social anxiety. It’s followed by ‘All Works Out’ – bringing another stirring chorus, with crunchy guitar sounds, and Pulp-inspired synths.

The closing piece, ‘Hollow Spheres,’  is a passionate offering of garage pop that leaves us with the sense of bittersweet longing and realistic hopefulness that this EP is all about. 
Catch Talkboy on their UK tour with the likes of Honeyblood, Declan Welsh, Abbie Ozzard and The Howl & The Hum.

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Watch: Talkboy – Over & Under

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