Robbie Thompson Drops Post-Industrial-Inspired Folk Stomper

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Inspired by the post-industrial north of England, Robbie Thompson’s deeply poetic songwriting is enough to stop you in your tracks. His new release, Above Us All The Devil Is Laughing, sees his reflective and sparse folk arrangements beefed up into something of a stomper.

Above Us All the Devil Is Laughing contemplates the struggle to find meaning and purpose in life’s daily battles, whilst being hopelessly aware that we can’t possibly win the war. Death, absurdity, late capitalism, chance and time are coming for all of us,’ says Robbie.

‘But maybe winning the war was never the point – maybe the real purpose is to find meaning and connection in each battle, and that we might have more compassion for ourselves in all of it. Human beings are inherently flawed in so many ways, and thank god that is the case, otherwise we would have none of the compassion, warmth or humour that gets us through.’

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Listen now to the new release from one of the region’s most talented songwriters on Pigeon Hands’ Bandcamp.

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