Freese Trio Drop ‘Pleasure Island’ From New Dark Trip-Hop Record

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Leeds-based trip-hop electronica grunge band Freese Trio drop their single ‘Paradise Island’ today, from their forthcoming album The Beast in the Blueprint. The record delves into the effects of trauma, using metaphors to describe PTSD and patterns in behaviour, thoughts, and emotions.

Jemma Freese, who fronts the trio, said: ‘Each composition delves into inner demons and truths that allow the audience to be reflective and gives them space to experience vulnerability.

Each track tells its own story, with an underlying thread tying it all together – a blend of trip-hop, electronica, and grunge to create a new genre of darkness – owning and exploring the dark corners of the mind.’

Freese describes her way of composing harmony as ‘splats of paint.’ Instinctive and intuitive, she is drawn to dense harmony that reflects the lyrical themes. The chords are layered thick, mysterious and striking.

We love the frankness of Freese’ lyrics, and the band’s fresh yet unmistakable take on trip-hop. Freese’ voice calls to mind the likes of Kate Bush and even Bjork.

Listen now to Paradise Island on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Apple Music, or iTunes.

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