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Pink Wafer isn’t the only Sheffield music publication out there, and there’s no way we could cover every gig, band, and release that’s connected with this city.

So we’re not even going to try.  Instead, we’re going to tell you about a handful of other music publications out there, for your information and entertainment.

Sheffield music blogs and magazines

There’s a whole bunch of bloggers and independent writers documenting the musical landscape of Sheffield, besides a number of bigger independent media publishers.

But at Pink Wafer we like to keep things small. Small is beautiful. So without further ado, here are some of our favourite Sheffield-based blogs to help you find out what’s going down in the Sheffield music scene.

Are you a band, musician, or promoter? Why not reach out to them for some coverage.

Grave Reviews

sheffield music blogs grave reviews

Grave Reviews is a great blog to keep you up to speed with musical goings-on in Sheffield and Leeds, featuring a nice mix of reviews of local and touring artists. They write about good stuff and they write it nicely.

Sheffield Cassette

sheffield music blogs sheffield cassette

Mostly focused on electronic music, Sheffield Cassette describe themselves as emphasising ‘all things analogue’. They publish some great interviews on the electronic and Sheffield nightlife scene. It’s pretty cool.

Now Then Magazine

sheffield music blogs magazine now then

Now Then is the number one independent Sheffield culture magazine. Published monthly (in print), they feature amazing artwork every time. They also publish regular music reviews of new records and gigs, along with some good interviews with Sheffield bands and musicians.

Counterfeit Magazine

sheffield music blogs magazine counterfeit

Counterfeit Magazine is not technically Sheffield-focused, but they have to get a mention here because they publish loads of great stuff about music in the North. Mostly covering Leeds, Manchester, and Sheffield, Counterfeit Magazine publish great photos and some insightful reviews.

Prole Jazz

Prole Jazz is Sheffield’s whackiest music blog, overseen by the infamous Captain Avery. Covering all things cosmic (and potentially tropical?), Prole Jazz gives you a big juicy slice of gonzo-style DIY music journalism.


Mostly known for their radio show and live DJing, Airworks are connoisseurs of genres from hip-hop, to jazz, to house. The Airworks crew focus mainly on radio and live events these days, but their blog is also worth checking out.

Pink Wafer

pink wafer transp

Well, it would be crazy for us to tell you about all these other blogs without even mentioning ourselves, right? Pink Wafer publish not-that-frequently about alternative music in Sheffield. We publish features, Q+As, and occasional reviews, focusing on artists that we think are pushing boundaries in the city.

Want to get involved? Get in touch.

Disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list of Sheffield music publications. There are a whole bunch of other publications out there that are really good. These just happen to be our favourites 😉

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Michael is the founding editor of Pink Wafer. He is a life-long musician and a former promoter.

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