Jackson Swaby and Jackie Moonbather’s No Destination Was Our Soundtrack To The Summer

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No Destination is the warmly wavey EP from Jackson Swaby and Jackie Moonbather.

Combining the solid house foundations of Jackson Swaby with the sauntering vocals and live instrumentation of Jackie Moonbather, mainstay of Sheffield/Manchester-based Blancmange Lounge collective, the duo craft a chugging, club-courtyard, salted-drink-rim of an EP. With a 5 track play length, this collaborative effort is the perfect mini-break from reality. Stick it on and drift away from anything grey.

The four to the floor tempo which predominates the EP is punctuated by strutting bass, as on opening track Let Me In. The dance-floor groove is breathed into life by a playfully crunchy guitar, which spatters in and out of the picture like the radiant faces of passers-by on a busy street.

Although very much a Sheffield concoction, the sultry thatching of vocals and guitar drifts languorously towards pastures infinitely more Mediterranean, floating off and away above the bourbon biscuit roof tiles of South Yorkshire. The eponymous No Destination may proclaim otherwise, but the direction of this collaborative effort is beach-bound, calibrated towards the continental cloudlessness hinted at on Mi Espanol Es Poquito.

Drawing to mind rooftop sunset specialist Flamingosis, Sliding Door fluctuates warm, scuzzy guitar atop lustrous electro-percussion. A beckoning towards the warm breeze, dreamy vocals wisp through, undulating like wind-blown crests of rolling waves; freckled, slight and shimmering.

Stay a while in the sunny spot that Swaby and Jackie Moonbather have shaped out of steep hills and slate-grey skies – a bright, textured ray to warmly ensconce your bonce.

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