Cosmic Triceratops Are Literally The Sound Of Hippiedom In 2018

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Sexy Future, the debut album from Captain Avery and the Cosmic Triceratops of Intergalactic Peace, is a weird and chaotic sonic representation of a distinct, peculiar contemporary hippie subculture.

Is it cool? No. Is it trying to be cool? Absolutely not. In a very real sense, their disregard for all sorts of aesthetic conventions make this frantic jumble of a band seem pretty punk.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Cosmic Triceratops is definitively not punk. There’s simply too much glitter, too much sax, and too much humour in this for it to come close.

What Cosmic Triceratops and their new record does is capture the energy and idealism of a certain contemporary hippie subculture – very Bristol, very Sheffield, and very Shambala festival. The aesthetic treads close to the vibe of crusty culture, and that’s what makes it genuinely countercultural.

What’s challenging about Cosmic Triceratops – and what will divide audiences – is that they really don’t want you to take yourself seriously. It’s the sort of music that illustrates a chasm between hipster and hippie subcultures. Because there is no irony to this, and there’s also no pretence. These guys are really doing what the hell they want.

So forget about social norms for a moment, and take a quick dash out into the absurd punk glitter storm that is Cosmic Triceratops. Of course, it’s ridiculous. It’s supposed to be ridiculous. That’s half the point of it. And that’s why, in a culture obsessed with appearances, Cosmic Triceratops are worth your time.

Listen to Sexy Future on Bandcamp. Follow Cosmic Triceratops on Facebook.

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