Jackie Moonbather’s Month Of May Is A Strange And Beautiful Journey

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One of our favourite records of this year is undoubtedly Jackie Moonbather’s playful and tender Month of May, released by Blancmange Lounge.

A short album? A long EP? Only two of its ten tracks make it past the three-minute mark. That means you’ll be happy to pick this little beauty up and loop it three times back to back. It’s like some sort of very satisfying audio flip book.

Love Theme From May sets the tone of the record – a soulful sketch, borrowing elements from jazz, funk, and hip-hop. The hook drops from nowhere to tease you for about half a minute, before you’re ushered to the next part of the journey.

The real tofu in the sandwich comes next, with Changes, Jonesy, and A Mutual Feeling. These songs tenderly explore the passing of time, sensuality, and new love.

Three consecutive interludes then transition us to the record’s downtempo, moody conclusion. Say No More, the last track, is a highlight. Totally beautiful and tantalisingly brief.

The record is short, and it’s right that way. It’s well-conceived, and it flows brilliantly. This said, Month Of May has an undeniable DIY feel. It’s cool, and it’s smooth, but it’s by no means glossy.

Check out the dazzling video for Love Theme From May, produced by GRIT Multimedia. This tasty morsel brilliantly captures the humour and energy of this fantastic little record.

Watch now: Jackie Moonbather – Love Theme From May

Listen to Jackie Moonbather’s Month of May on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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