Tonia Victoria’s Herstory EP Is An Honest, Soulful Gem

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Tonia Victoria is a name you’re going to hear more often in days to come. Since the release of her self-produced debut EP Herstory, she’s been slowly but surely earning some well-deserved attention for her soulful and authentic songwriting.

This summer sees her performing live at Soundwave Festival in Croatia, supporting Sugarhill Gang at Holmfirth Picturedrome, and at Peddler in Sheffield.

We caught up with Tonia about Herstory, Spotify success, and what’s in store for the future.

Your debut single Pitter Pat has been racking up some serious listens on Spotify. What’s so special about that track? Why do you think it resonates with people?

Honestly, I just find it incredible. I guess the main reason it has become popular is because I’m just being honest. That’s something I like to keep consistent in all of my music, and I feel like people can just relate to the honesty more than anything.

Watch now: Tonia Victoria – Loner’s Rule

Herstory feels honest, raw, and melancholic. Why did it come out like that?

I do really enjoy being as honest as I possibly can. It’s something that I enjoy when listening to other artists, so bringing that into my own music just made sense to me. Other than that I think a big part of it would be that I did a lot of the project completely by myself. Other than some of the beats the whole EP was created by me alone in a studio, so I was really able to explore my creativity freely.

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Cool, so you produced the whole record, too?

In terms of instrumentals, there were various producers involved such as NJF, Young Taylor, and Yondo Music, and it was mastered by Beth Thorpe otherwise known as Soul91. But the EP as a whole was recorded and engineered by myself.

How would you summarise the themes of Herstory?

It’s very much about my experiences. Each song encapsulates a different situation I have been through or been around. It’s a lot like a verbal diary of sorts, filled with my thoughts and feelings.

Tonia Victoria Tramlines 2018
Tonia Victoria at The Folk Forest, Sheffield | image: GRIT Multimedia

What’s Huddersfield like? Has it influenced your music?

Huddersfield is beautiful – of course every place has it’s pros and cons, but it’s the place I was born. It’s not too far in the country where there is nothing around, but not completely city life either. It’s a great balance between the two which makes you really appreciate it whenever you return home. I would say it has influenced me, purely because it’s the place where I have been for the majority of my life so far. I have a huge amount of memories here.

What’s next? What should we look out for from Tonia Victoria in the future?

Well, this year I have a few difference festivals and events I’ll be playing at such as Tramlines and Soundwave festival. I have a variety of different radio shows I’ll be featuring on, and finally I’m currently working on a new project which will be out at some point this year. Over all, though, it’s just a case of getting more music out there and sharing it with the world. I just plan on continuing to do what I love.

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See Tonia Victoria live at Peddler, Sheffield, on August 4.

Connect with Tonia Victoria on Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

Header image: GRIT Multimedia

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