Mango Disco Want To Make People See Why Migration Matters

Mango Disco are using their new project Sounds from Planet Earth to talk about migration and music.

The Sheffield and London-based global music aficionados are gaining a reputation in the UK – and increasingly on the European continent – for their collaborations with emerging global artists, and their ability to pull off some fairly insane carnival-esque warehouse raves.

But behind the flamingos, glitter, and eclectic music there’s a small group of people aiming to do something more than just throw parties.

Their new project, Sounds from Planet Earth is a pay-as-you-feel release with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), to support refugees in conflict areas in need of basic medical aid. The team aim to use the release to raise awareness about issues surrounding freedom of movement for all.

jack allsopp

Producer Jack Allsopp – Image: Gustavo Merolli

According to co-founder Alex Rocca, Mango Disco has always been about more than just music.

“Since the beginning, we’ve been committed both to fundraising for refugee charities, and to raising the profile of issues around migration,” he explains.

The ambitious Sounds from Planet Earth project, the fruit of a collaboration between Rocca and producer Jack Allsopp, is a continuation of that mission.

“Migration is often the catch-all issue that masks public fear and uncertainty relating to unemployment, housing and social cohesion in host countries,” says Rocca.

“But arts can reverse the trend by getting people to appreciate and understand other cultures.”

“arts can reverse the trend by getting people to appreciate and understand other cultures”

Producer Allsopp has spent the majority of the last year DJing in Latin America, and collecting the audio samples that the form the basis of the new record.

“For me,” Allsopp says, “this project is all about spreading music that people may not have heard or thought about in a dancefloor context – and all to help a charity that is doing extremely important work.”

alex rocca

Alex Rocca, Co-Founder of Mango Disco

Mango Disco will be launching the release on May 6 at Haggler’s Corner. You can get free entry to the event by buying the record through Just Giving, and entry is free to all people seeking asylum.

Get Sounds from Planet Earth now through Mango Disco’s Just Giving page.

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